Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-10-01 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Robert talks about:

  • Clip:  Food sitting in shipping containers doing nothing
  • Rob has a few connection problems but then comes back soon after
  • Clip:  Puerto Rico’s home grown food problem
  • Trump and the Mayor are at each others throats and garbage ensues
  • Clip:  Antifa are a violent lot of people and people need to know this
  • The far left talk about different dates where something is going to take place
  • Clip:  Trucks that are getting around with refrigeration units without markings – they are for bodies
  • Clip:  South Korea brace for EMP attack
  • Rob speaks about Rex 84.  (Shauns notes:  I spoke about Rex 84 on numerous occasions on past networks)
  • Clip:  North Koreans becoming slaves for Chinese goods
  • The last couple of days the memes have changed – Russia and the States
  • If a war does kickoff and the media decides to cover it – The media are keeping the hush hush
  • The overwhelming feeling when doing a broadcast – Am I even being effective here?
  • A lot of the alt-right like what Putin is doing – A way to split the nationalists between Russia and the States
  • Clip:  To break America up you have to push those racial fault lines  (Shauns notes: Seriously, Jones needs to take that sand paper out of his throat and stop acting…  He sounds like somebody out of Gays Of Our Lives…)
  • Clip:  Jones calls for martial law – Rob agrees with some of what Jones has to say but then we have to look at the optics
  • Rob is all for moving on the communists – We become traitorous seditionists – Once you are a communist our constitutional rights are gone!  When are people going to realise this?
  • Clip:  The Antifa civil war – Jones passion over weighs his potatoe head as usual
  • NFL kneeling exposes the purple revolutionists – NFL disaster was a very deliberate design out of a social engineering program
  • The dirt bags and the black pope have helped destroy European Ancestry
  • Clip:  Daily Sheeple – State of consciousness and different plains
  • The football culture serves as a channel to encourage violent behaviour (Shaun’s notes:  So put it in the hands of blacks and see what happens…  We whites know when to USE violence.  The Kentucky Fried Chicken culture does not…)
  • Clip:  “I’m a big fan of the Kurds and yes they are Muslims”  – (Shauns notes:  Fuck him.  If he loves the Muslims so much, he should fuck off and live with the Kurds…)

And much more…


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