Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen 2017-10-01 (RBN)

**  WTFR does not necessarily agree with what Doug has to say as a whole.  **

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • The destruction of hurricanes can be a necessary evil for the environment  (Shauns notes:  They are kind of negative feedbacks)
  • People in Catalonia want to be free of the EU and have their own autonomy in their own region
  • The expansion and occupation of the middle east – Israel and the the partitioning of Iraq and Syria
  • Where is all the racial identity politics going?  – Central government has done a good job with it’s divisive tactics
  • It depends who you have babies with more so than the forms you fill out – Father wants Vaccines, Mother doesn’t
  • Doug believes that the world is heating up but he doesn’t believe gasoline is doing the damage (Shauns notes:  I agree whole heartedly.  I don’t call it climate change, I call it cyclic change.  The world has taken care of itself for billions of years.  We’d have to be an arrogant lot to believe for a moment that it doesn’t have the negative feedbacks to deal with what we do here…)
  • Doug thinks that some vaccines are OK and some are not (Shauns notes:  I have never been vaccinated with anything.  I had a tetanus shot twice when I was a child but nothing else and seldom get sick.  I’ve been around people with chicken pox, mumps and things that make kids look like something from Friday the 13th and I caught none of these.  Yet those that have been vaccinated with all of these things have caught them.  This is all about immunity.  If you get a vaccine and it gives you chicken pox, it’s because your immune system sux.  If you don’t get the vaccine and you get chicken pox, it’s because your immunity sux…  The problem with the vaccines is not the disease they are injecting into you, it’s the adjutants and mercury that comes with it…)
  • You just can’t trust a guy called Tony Weiner (Shaun’s notes:  I whole heartedly concur)

And much more…


2 thoughts on “Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen 2017-10-01 (RBN)

  1. he lost me after this episode. no details on the mercury.hpv.etc.
    in that great logic ‘some vaccines are ok’
    i guess :
    ‘some race mixing is ok’
    ‘some creepy merchants are ok’
    ‘some lies are ok’

    yeah whatever Doug. good luck.


  2. Jewish doctors are the leading cause of death and neurological damage of the European races. Bar none. This is the number one threat to the Europeans right now.


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