The Less Than 1% Show w/ John Percent 2017-09-27

On this edition of The Less Than One Percent Show, John & Shaun talk about the NFL (Nigger Felon League) and then move onto a GREAT range of things.  John from Canada calls in and then Gadsden calls in, to shake Shaun’s tree about White Intelligence.

Kick back with your favourite adult beverage and enjoy the broadcast.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

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6 thoughts on “The Less Than 1% Show w/ John Percent 2017-09-27

  1. …and it hit me this morning…

    Given everyone’s perceived stance on the American Flag, the anthem, and the Jewish-driven hypocritical diversity & equality policy meant to destroy white countries by enslaving them to politically correct conduct and speech…Trump should say “disrespecting our flag is disrespecting Israel, and it’s anti-Semitic”!

    That’d stop the NFL horseshit immediately! Trump is 100% pro-Israel all of the time, and now Alan Dershowitz is claiming UC Berkely grants speaking rights to national figures based PRIMARILY upon their stance either against Israel or for Israel!!!

    This agenda, to get “hate crimes” legislation codified into law as quickly as possible, is really falling apart as it would seem ‘Antifa'(Berkeley students and staff!) would be our ally if they’re protesting pro-Israel speakers simply labelled as “conservatives”! Ha! Got ’em!

    To be pro-Trump is to be pro-Israel, got that you Alt Right fucks who think he is stirring the pot and advocating a pro-white agenda!!! To be anti-America is to be anti-Israel, you got that you kneeling gladiators!!!

    This thing is fucked beyond recognition! At the end of the day, they are brewing a race war domestically; and when whites sound off against the blacks(football)/latinos(baseball playoffs begin NEXT WEEK) attempting to use their prominent stage in over-televised sports, it’ll be leftard whites having their backs…so…why not call these leftard whites for what they CLAIM they are at Berkely(as Dershowitz has just fed us this Thursday morning: SEE VIDEO POSTED); anti-semitic haters!!! Ha!

    They can’t win going this route anymore!


    • I noticed at the start of the show, you said that you had a whole 7 listeners in the chatroom. The chatroom does not come close to reflecting your listenership. In fact, you get more live listeners than any show here. Even more than mine. I don’t like to do the numbers thing here because it can either give a host a big head or discourage them, but to give you a quick boost John, your show also gets download numbers that are up there with TCTA and Jacko’s Lantern. So don’t feel like 7 in your chatroom is a bad thing. And from what I seen in the chatroom, that number went up to 11 at one stage.


    • I stipped standing for the flag in high school. I felt America was a rip off shit hole then, run by criminals that just exploited you. I just didnt know how bad it really was. America isnt great, it was never great. It is and since the time of Columbus, the jew was always a slave dictatorship. The only whites who make are usually masons where the doors just magically open for you.


  2. And as for these cunts on the panel there in the clip above, fuck ALL of them. The stupid bitch says, “good for you because free speech is at threat now”, but yet it’s her and her mainstream media fucktards that tell us we can’t have free speech because what we speak about is racist. Fuck them in their stupid arses.


  3. Once again, the all powerful, all knowing kike , tells the goyim his wisdom. The evil kike gets uglier and uglier every passing year. He was a frequent visitor to his other fellow tribesman, Epstein who owned the pedophile island, and was shagging all of those poor unfortunate, underage girls. Imagine, having that evil yid on top of you. I’d bloody kill myself, trying to get his ugly mug out of my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You beat me to it. He was named in that womans lawsuit against Epstein. All they had to do us break out the video of Trump sucking dick at Studio 54 and he got right in line. Im sure he is a pedophile too.

      Liked by 1 person

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