The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-09-26

On this 3 hour edition of TGPP, Gadsden speaks about:

  • The mainstream media and who owns them – Doug Owen comes across as PC and not alternative (Shaun’s notes:  At least nobody can say that we don’t have both sides of the story here at WTFR – Doug does have some PC ways about him, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he “isn’t alternative”)
  • Twitter is now testing out being able to have more characters – 280 Vs 140
  • Drug users getting busted in Gads local area – Meth heads surprise him and black rap ain’t helping
  • jews infiltrated all the media and this is how they control everything  (Shaun’s notes:  Gadsden’s ducks sounded like abbo ducks…)
  • Some of these feminists and fat professional offendees qualify easily as pigs – Gadsden has a feminist dyke bitch in his class that looks like Miss Piggy
  • If you torture Shaun long enough, you could get him to say God exists (Shaun’s notes:  Gadsdens duck and hen voices were torture enough…  God exists dammit!  Just please, no more duck voices!!  Abbo ducks, nigger geese and helium hens…  It’s all too much…  Ha!  I’m joking of course…)
  • Whites are chosen because we are superior and we are simply the best – You need to embrace this, don’t be told you are not superior
  • The US is an eat-all-you-can-eat country and people still act like they are hungry
  • Boycott the Negro Felon League instead of watching a bunch of grown men bitching about shit they don’t need to bitch about
  • Caller, John from Canada speaks about the bottom line being, Trump  and all politicians these days are jew puppets – Obama was kind of like a black Donald Trump
  • Caller Deus calls in and speaks about how these background movements have been screwed from the inside out – Are we really ready to force a slaughter??  (Shaun’s notes:  I do not for a moment condone what Gadsden is saying…  I believe if we can find a way to do this without forcing chaotic anarchy, we should.  Have a look at what Charlottesville did for us.  It helped destroy us…)
  • Shaun gets told to stuff himself by Deus Vult 😐
  • If more nig-nogs had abortions, the demographic would start to tidy up somewhat

And much more…


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

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