Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-09-24 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Clip:  Youth football being child abuse – Children under 18 playing is a form of abuse – Numbers that relate
  • Frank in N.Carolina:  NFL is afraid that they will be shut down by the government
  • Employers fear the whole ‘R’ word thing so it makes it hard to fire blacks
  • This could be all pushing toward martial law and Frank has become numb to that term (Shauns notes:  Yeah I hear ya on that Frank.  Jones has been screaming martial law since his toupee was glued on his head.)
  • Andy in Texas believes the national anthem has no defense
  • Chris calls in:  This is all about divide and conquer  (Shauns notes:  I always hope that when a person talks about divide and conquer, they are talking about dividing whites.  Whites and blacks will always be divided because they are not suppose to be together, so divide and conquer need not play a part in this.  But the divide and conquer that is taking place, is dividing whites and that is one of the biggest problems we face…)
  • People in the pseudo academic sector that have ruined the minds of so many young people over every racial spectrum
  • Jeff in Idaho:  Speaks about a GREAT range of things in great detail as always – Jeff takes over the show whilst Robert is taken off-air for a moment or two
  • Clip:  Flushing the toilet on Port Arthur – Bodies being washed out to sea
  • People are disappearing and it ain’t because of the hurricanes but the hurricanes help “them” make people disappear
  • Tom from Florida:  Many slave owners were actually blacks but that is not spoken about in schools
  • Donna in California:  The Anthem does not represent tyranny, it represents the Founding Fathers and such, but it has all been hijacked…  (Shauns notes:  Absolutely.  The Anthem, the American Flag and all that comes with it, has been hijacked and needs to be taken back…)
  • The reciprocal relationship between the cops and what the cops have to put up with – This seems to go widely ignored by black people
  • Article:  Black violence will not cease just because statues have been taken down (Shauns notes:  The proof is in the pudding…  Watch what happens in the future….)
  • Bruce in Texas:  Stormfront and Dailystormer were taken down because there is too much information
  • Dave in Nevada:  The average person hasn’t witnessed a police shooting and real problem is that people are being screwed over stupid things for revenue
  • Caller Cathy lived in the ghettos and because she behaved appropriately she didn’t have any problems (Shauns notes:  This woman doesn’t sound like anybody that has lived in the ghettos.  AT ALL!  She sounds like a fucking liar all the way to me…  In the ghettos many of us have lived in, no amount of respect earns you any good treatment from blacks.  She even gets emotional, which is a kike trait to convince people to believe their shit…)

And more:


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