Equality of Marriage and Invasion of Property

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

I was just sent an SMS message on my phone from somebody called Yes Equality. The message reads, “The marriage equality survey forms have arrived! Help make history and vote yes for a fairer Australia.”

First and foremost this is an invasion of my property. My private property. I am a member of the no junk call list. Meaning, that no business, Corporation, company or anything else that relates, is allowed to contact this phone without written consent by me.

Second of all, there is no way, ‘in any way shape or form’ will I ever be voting yes to such degeneracy.

You see, what these so-called people here are doing, are mincing words. They thrust “yes equality” in your face so that you are fooled into believing that your voting for equality, when you look at this on surface level. Not that voting for equality is a good thing in itself, because it is not! We are not equal and that’s a simple fact that does not need science, philosophy, religion or anything else for that matter to work it out.

What they are asking, is for people to vote yes for marriage equality. In other words, they are asking you to vote yes to degeneracy.

Nature herself dictates that homosexuality is an abomination. It’s obvious what the penis and the vagina were made for. That being procreation.  It is also very obvious what the anus is for, that being the evacuation of waste.

Now I know that the degenerate homosexuals that read this and the politically correct retard’s that also read this, will try and use sick and silly arguments such as “dogs are homosexual too, so it must be natural.” These types of arguments are the most ridiculous argument anybody could ever use. They are like a couple of children bickering on the playground. They are of childlike mentality. A dog chases car tyres too; it has sex with chair legs; it has sex with human legs. Dogs are not as intelligent as human beings, and sometimes don’t know the difference in what they are doing. So when Poochy starts humping another male dog, it’s not because he is homosexual, it’s simply because he doesn’t know any better.

It’s very much like the absolute retard’s that use the argument, “we all bleed red Shaun!” Yes, and I say unto you, “pig’s bleed red too. Are you a fucking pig?!” Again, foolish and retarded arguments that can be thrown back in the faces of the politically correct on a daily basis.

No! I will not be voting yes to degeneracy. You can stick that where the sun don’t shine!  No pun intended.  You might actually do it.

The low life degenerates left a website behind of course that I will not post here for obvious reasons. But as you can see in the picture here, there is a pig dog with a ring through her nose just like a hog and an Asian standing in front of the three white girls. It’s such obvious propaganda and bullshit and yet the degenerate class and the social justice retard’s around them would have you believe that there is no subconscious programming going on here.

Let’s break it down. Three white girls standing at the back and in front an Asian girl as if she should be first in line. Just as it seems every Third World foreigner that comes here gets to stand first in line. And one of the three girls at the back has shit in her face. Meaning the ring through her nose. As if whites come second and whites are the ones that predominantly have piercings and generic tattoos and all that comes with that culture.

The director of photography would have you believe that the Asian is in front because she is the shortest. Anybody who has indulged in photography knows that this just simply isn’t true especially if you’re using a wide-angle lens. Because you could have fit all four girls into the shot with their arms around each other, (since this is all about equality) and that would have been the better shot. But not in this case, because the propaganda had to hit two birds with one stone. Bird one: we are all equal. Bird two: Third World people come before white people in their own countries. This is the common narrative all around white Western civilisation today.

For those of you who do not want to vote at all, just remember that those who vote yes are the type of people who always scream the loudest. So their ‘yes vote’ will count whilst you’re zero vote will not.

If you are a person who does not believe in same-sex marriage and in general do not agree with homosexuality, then make perfectly sure that when the proper survey comes out you vote no. A ‘zero vote’ will count as powerful as a ‘yes vote.’

And please keep in mind a true survey is one that allows you to vote yes or no. The yes equality message I received sends you to a website that only allows you to vote yes to this degeneracy, as if it were the proper survey.

Stay away from ‘yes equality’ At all costs!


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