Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen 2017-09-17

DISCLAIMER  – WTFR does not share the same views as Doug Owen – Emailing Shaun about Doug is going to fall on deaf eyes.  Thank You.

Doug speaks about:

  • Calling people white supremacists so casually (as a buzz word) is the same as using the “n” word
  • There are different levels of racism and people have prejudices – It’s silly sometimes
  • Perhaps some people like to mimic other races and hence why they breed with them
  • People calling Donald Trump a jew hater or anti-jewish is stupid
  • Mike in Kentucky speaks about stereo types and how there is something to them – IQ’s and more  (Shauns notes:  I agree with Mike on this subject – There may be a few “good blacks” here and there, but this doesn’t change the facts about the majority of them…)
  • Fred in Pennsylvania speaks about how he has not yet heard any “Black Listed News”

And more…

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