The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-09-12

On this edition of TGPP, Gadsden talks about:

  • Happy Birthday Dr. William Pierce!!!
  • At this point in time, if you don’t know what is happening, you’re screwed
  • Christian Identity has earned Gadsdens respect compared to Israel loving Christianity
  • People are stuck on this Anime bug and it has perversion behind it
  • A sacrifice was once killing something and then eating it, but no longer – Human sacrifices were executing criminals
  • Faggots are nothing but sexual deviants – This leads Gads to talk more about desire
  • Little children being dressed up like Harley Quinn by degenerate parents
  • We’re calling this shit out and none of us are multi-millionaires
  • White child with T-Shirt that says “free speech” is frowned upon by Professional Offendees
  • We just found the Queen of the White Ethno-State – Young girl finds sword
  • Gadsden gets high on mushrooms and says that Arthurian tales could be real
  • The music show ran out of steam and we had to “shut it down” at the 7 hour mark
  • We need more heroes – We need to be heroes ourselves – Do something spectacular


9 thoughts on “The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-09-12

    • I think anybody that hasn’t seen “They Live” within our “movement” at this point, need to be shot!

      I found it funny that Kyle said, “Roddy spoke of Renegade”, because Roddy said there are Renegades out there that are fighting for us. What a fuck weed he is!! Roddy had never heard of Hyle Cunt or Brenegade Roarcasting…


  1. The second leading cause of death for children between ages 10-24 is suicide. So we are into several generations of parents “dropping the ball” . All parents do is listen to these jewish “experts” who have systematically destroyed their children and families. What jewstream media wont tell is the suicide rate for trannies is over 40%. You cannot just cut out an endocrine gland and expect the systrm to be in balance. It throws it all out of whack. Parents are idiots.

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  2. Once again, quoting a great man who said in Mein Kampf: ” Is there any from of filthiness or foulness, that at least one Jew did not participate in?” Words to keep on quoting. All of this Tranny, queer, anything degenerate type of shite, these cunts are behind ALL of it.

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