Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt & Pat Privilege 2017-09-10

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob and Pat speak about:

  • Rob and Pat play a clip about geo-engineering methods
  • All the wild fires happening around the world right now – This is suspect
  • The storm providers are lying to the public with junk-science
  • Clip:  Dave Wigington & the Cooling Towers attack on the atmosphere
  • Clip:  Weather terrorism – This is man made – Look at Irma
  • Operation Dark Sky – Was all of this was just to get you to look elsewhere?
  • Clip:  Authorities going around rounding up the homeless against their will
  • Clip:  North Korea openly threatening an EMP attack
  • The destruction of the United States, but there are still guns here
  • The Church is so joined at the hip with jewery
  • Pat speaks about the 2nd 3rd and 4th Mexicans and such – The changing of culture
  • Clip: Ditching the US dollar – Saddam Husein – Venezuela’s Oil
  • The self fulfilling prophecy and the power used against others
  • Consciousness and sub-consciousness – People that are wound up so much about anti-white
  • Clip:  Fuel is going to be a big issue – Spokespeople said that some fuel was released from reserves
  • The gist of it –  The race War Fail – Not so easy, because it’s too early to say fail
  • Clip:  Cruelty, cruelty, cruelty!!!  UGLY DECISIONS!!  CRUEL!  CruelTY.  CrUeL! CRUELty!

And much more…


I was going to be calling in, but I didn’t get to because Rob had so much to cover.  I will record my own quick audio to speak to what some of Rob had to say when it comes to Weather Molestation…  You will find it below this text either tonight or tomorrow when I get home from work.


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