John Percent – Debut Live Show This Evening 2017-09-06

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  John Percent has officially joined WTFR as a live radio broadcaster.  Whilst we regretfully lost John Beattie as a host, I am positive that Mr. Percent is going to bring both an informative and entertaining show each week, here to the network.

John and I (Shaun) have known each other for a few good years now.  The crazy yankee bastard has been following me around the alternative radio networks since around 2014 and we fast realised how much we have in common.  And we hold onto one of those friendships you can call home.  He and I can be screaming at each other one minute and having a beer with one another the next.  The kind of friendship that everybody should be able to have, but these days can’t.  Well, unless you’re special.  John and I are special.  Ha!  And so are you!  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.  We would instead be off playing working like slave bitches and playing video games during our time off!  Oh, wait…..

Anyway, we’re glad you’re joining us and we hope you enjoy the new show.  I will be joining John, because he wants me there.  Because I’m special.  So BE THERE, or BE SQUARE!!!!

The Less Than One Percent Show, live debut this evening at 10 PM EST for the United States, 12 PM AEST for Australia.

Don’t miss it!


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