The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden and Guest Tom Metzger 2017-08-09

On this edition of The Green Pilled Perspective Gadsden has Tom Metzger on to talk about:

  • Charlottesville and how it was a setup just to bring more laws down on top of us
  • The Police being more of a detriment these days than a help to the movement
  • Mr. Metzger once got out there and broke commie bones, but realised it was a setup
  • Skinheads and their role in what is taking place around todays White Nations
  • Tom got involved with the movement back in the 60’s by joining the Right
  • Metzger believes that Jack London Socialism is more effective than National Socialism
  • War is nothing good whatsoever and fraudulent on ever level
  • Mr. Metzger stayed away from the fake vote and did not vote for anybody (Shauns notes:  Absolutely!  I was saying this for months…  Voting is an act of terrorism…)
  • David Duke is not to be trusted one iota – Tom would leave the country if Duke made it anywhere big in government
  • Tom is an Atheist and does not believe that Jesus existed in the first place
  • Equality and Rights are bullshit –  There are only privileges that are given to you or not
  • The people that open the doors for the jews are the real enemy and they need to be dealt with
  • “No more KIKE!  No more!!!” – It’s white cowardice that is our real problem
  • Hollywood National Socialists are not going to save anything – They are out of shape
  • Start with your own family, protect them and train yourself to be ready to fight & educate yourself – Be underground


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

——– ——
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40 thoughts on “The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden and Guest Tom Metzger 2017-08-09

  1. Gadsden, this was a great show. I had to double take at first when I saw that he was going to be on the show. He brought some great insight to the show and I honestly think you did a great job during the interview for your forst guest.


  2. Proof that:

    * Someone found inter-racial porno mags under David Duke’s bed
    * He gambled his money (in large amounts – not a few chips at the casino)
    * Or any other assertions made about David Duke.

    Just want evidence of statements made please.

    Please respond here I’ll check back later.


  3. It’s all cool to have free thought.

    Can we have a link to the person who found inter-racial pornos under Duke’s bed? (As stated Metzger right now…Metzger being a Jew name)

    Free thought.

    Uphold and defend it by posting the proof here.

    Otherwise you may as well admit you are “Where thought is fucked”.

    If I don’t find my comment posted or replied to, what logical conclusion should I come to?


    • So the network becomes “where thought is fucked” because of one host or guest? And since when did a jew sounding name make a person jewish? There are FUCK loads of jewish sounding names, but it doesn’t make a person jewish. Oh wait, let me guess, you’re from the “Alex Linder is a jew” camp, even though Linder has proven himself time and time again, since the times of Peter Schaenk.

      In your next comment you insulted one of the hosts so it won’t be tolerated. If you want to debate the content go right ahead, but if you’re just here to insult hosts, you can FUCK off! It’s not constructive at any level and has NOTHING at all to do with mature debate or free speech. You’re just taking advantage of others. Now you bitch about a “jew sounding name” but your actions in the comment that I will not post, is as jewy as they come.

      There are plenty of other places where you can call us hosts names but this is not one of them.

      P.S. Have you ever considered doing your own fucking research on Duke, or do you just rely on everyone else to do it for you?

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    •’s a common german name, meaning ‘butcher’. please provide link/proof to your suggestion he might be jewish.
      3.’If I don’t find my comment posted or replied to, what logical conclusion should I come to?’
      hahahahaha! either way. if you need to ask, you’re fucked !

      personally thought there was quite more to this excellent TGPP show then the ‘inter-racial pornos under Duke’s bed’.

      Nice one Gadsden.

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  4. From what Mr. Metzger has said, his real father left the family and his mother remarried. He took his step-dad’s name of Metzger and he has done the research and he was not of Jewish origin. Just like the name Reznik, it is Polish for butcher. I have met Jews and Non-Jews with that last name. It is known that Dr. Duke took money from his followers and that it has been known that any females that he could get his hands on, well, do the research. It is all out there. Mr. Metzger worked closely with him and knows his behaviour.


  5. Gadsen you are more jew wise than Metzger. The problem I have with Metzger is he us too focused on race at the expense of letting kikes slide. First I know very few low level jews who have worked an honest day in their lives. That lowly jew will still argue with you about the holocaust charade so they feed the parasite like rhe psychic vampires they are. Metzger also didnt state that its the jews specifically who open borders and lobby for liberal immigration. Metz was a member if the KKK, a jewish founded and financed group, who “holocaust” the Christian cross. If he was a member of the kkk, he like Duke are probably master masons, another jewish controlled secret society. The jews love it when the stupid gentiles (heathen, pagans) play the race card for them, that way they dont have to do dirty work when the white golem do it for them. Metz did not once mention that jewish doctors are THE leading cause of death of the European race from a centuries long vendetta. The jews have the whites by the balls, literally with circumcision. And the fucking whites including my own family, support the God damn jews. As for religion, nobody reads the KJV properly . If they did the whole book is a condemnation of the jews. This is something Charlie Guiliani misses. Yet he is “jew wise” . . . Most Christians seem to miss this point. Jesus came to end the satanism of all judaic religions. Matt 6:6, John 7:1, 8:44-48. Read Titus 1 you will love that chapter. The so called Christian religion is the ONLY religion that calls out the kikes. Blacks arent killing us via medicine. They dont push the holocaust bullshit. They dont control the media, courts, public schools/colleges. They dont control government. Europeans dont even control government. So we need to establish priorities first. Are blacks a problem, sure. Are they the main problem ? Not even close. Most all whites are cucked to the jew. So im not even sure they are the solution either. I try explaining to blacks, “jews ran the slave trade, ran the KKK. They are the enemy, not Europeans”, because frankly they are as enslaved as the white races are, and thats the truth. I hate being negative, but from where im standing we sure look fucked. All around.


    • Whilst Metzger might indeed overlook the jew issue somewhat, I think that you give the niggers too much of a pass. The fuckin niggers have been warned time and time again. You, like many others think for a moment, that this fight is something new, but many of us have been fighting it for the better part of 30 or 40 years and have been warning these niggz of what the fuck they are doing and how they have been “enslaved” and it falls on deaf ears time and time again. And since it falls on deaf ears, there are whites out there that have section 8 housing built around them and we expect them to be fighting the jew how, when they are trying to fight the nigger ghetto’s off? Talk to our own Shield Maiden about how fucking hard it is to break free of these areas and what she has to deal with on a daily basis and you will know what we are up against. I’m surprised she finds time for the movement at all to be honest, with the nigs aping out in the apartment above her.

      This is not just about nigs being “enslaved” by the Rothschilds either, this is also about the fact their iq’s are so low, that no matter with or without the jew, they still nig out, UNLESS they ARE indeed enslaved to a huge degree. The only time the bastards have ever behaved, is when they were ordered out into the cotton fields. The biggest mistake was releasing them into freedom. No amount of freeing them from the jew will tame the fucking savages. Same goes for the abbos over here. Put them to work on the railways and they can be watched over and they seem fine because they are occupied, but let them roam free and well, take a look at what is taking place in places such as Wilcania and Alice Springs.

      Quite frankly I’m getting sick of people letting either one off the hook. The jews need to be exiled as do the niggers that misbehave from now on. As Rockwell said, “It’s too late now…” The nigz are too much in number to just round up and exiled off to Africa or Matagasgar these days but there can as sure as shit be measure put in place that state that if a nig misbehaves as nigs do, they will be judged and sentenced to exile. This way bit by bit, they will get to know that they will be living in a kind of hades if the act up.


      • The Jews only agitate and maneuver people against each other that naturally wouldn’t work well together anyway.
        It’s not like you take the Jew out of the equation and all of a sudden, whites and blacks would get along well. No.
        And our position to separate from blacks, even by writing them a huge good bye check and providing first class cruise ships to Africa, they don’t want it. They know they are incapable of creating or maintaining civilization and they demand free unlimited shit.

        Ask any black “$1 million each and luxury cruise liner to Liberia if you sign here that we’re done and reparations have been paid in full. For those blacks that want to stay, they can if they sterilize themselves and promise to spend their million in the US only”.

        It’s worth a try but I bet they initially agree and take the money but then chimp out again and want more.

        Jews would agitate them while Whites would suppress their chimping. A eye to eye friendship is not possible with people like that.

        As the Romanian saying goes “The Jew swims in the sewage of our sins”.


      • So what do you suggest? Do we try and get along with the nigger to defeat the jew? Because I grew up in Abbo neighbourhoods and let me tell you right here and now that you’re fucking delusional if you think that niggers and abbos are just going to start working along side us to go after the Rothschilds. The abbos and niggz would have to learn how to SPELL Rothschilds before they can understand who they are and what they are doing.

        “Well, we go after the jew Shaun.” Go forth and go after the jew hero. How’s that fuckin worked out for ya so far? And I ain’t speaking to you specifically Markus, I am speaking to all those that think Pierce was wrong when he said, that the majority of people out there either don’t have a clue or don’t care.

        We’ve been fighting the kike for decades now (some of us) and it’s done what? It’s woken up more than I thought, but nowhere near enough to win the battle let alone the war, (a bee’s dick worth, a drop in the ocean) and created a minority of fuck heads that have helped fuck us even further into the ground with shenanigans such as the Charlottesville rally. Anybody who thinks that rally did anything good for us at this point is a total cock smith and needs their fucking head read.

        Let’s do the math:

        Daily Stormer – Gone
        Info Stormer – Gone
        Storm Front – Gone
        Among dozens of other smaller websites and although I don’t like or respect many of these, I do respect free speech
        Illinois – Writing a bill that deems white supremacists, terrorists
        Multiple Aussie movements, statues and town names have even been targeted and I dare say other White nations suffer the same….

        Yeah this has worked out REAL FUCKING WELL for us.

        So, what do you propose, because to be honest, after what has been taking place with white people these days, I’m about ready to let them all be fed to the fuckin crows… A bunch of white pussies that can’t use any intelligent thought at all. At least the Arab Muslims stick together to win. We just sit around in comments areas how whites are so fucking brilliant even though at the moment, we are the biggest fuck ups around.

        The proof is in the pudding – We are 8.85.% white around the planet for a reason. We are a fucking dumbed down people. Period.


      • Shaun,

        Whites won’t get along with Blacks just because you take out the Jewish hand. We should be separated.
        Regarding the shuttening of websites: it proves to the normies that it’s not paperclip Nazis or Fascist USA running the show if they still believe this disinfo (and many concerned people do).
        First they come for the Nazis. Then they come for Christians… etc.
        And the websites gone, leads to more IRL activities.
        The Jews are overplaying their hand again and nobody can deny anymore that they run everything.


      • The normies don’t even give a fuck mate. They ain’t even looking into what you and I are sayin brother. They are looking at us and going, “What are they on about?” Because they either DON’T get it or WON’T get it.


  6. So the USSR was no threat and Hitler broke the non-aggression pact?
    Wow, just wow.
    Never mind, Stalin positioned the largest army in history on Germany’s border to overrun Europe and thereby capturing 4/5 of the world as UK, France, Netherlands and others still held huge colonial captialist empires.
    Hitler pledged for peace all the time and also stated that if Jews get their way, the Aryan races in Europe would vanish.
    After all, Hitler was just a manic meth addict that killed his own party members (traitors, homosexuals, usurpers, Marxist-leaning radical thugs, and foreign bribed agents that wanted to topple the German government) and Hitler brought destruction to his people and Europe.

    Dr Pierce was right it seems.

    And Hitler wasn’t a National Capitalist either. He barred corporations from making more than 6% profits (the rest had to be reinvested to create more jobs or better job conditions) and made it impossible for fat cat leeches to profit off of the work of others (jews and non-jews alike). A genius inventor, whose brilliance benefitted the Volk was allowed more wealth though, but not billions either. How much money does an individual need to live a careless life? A few millions in today’s currency. A nice house and a beach villa, 2 cars and enough to eat at fancy restaurants. But not billions.

    Everyone had a job and other than in Communism, those jobs were actually producing something needed and paid decently and not as in Communism, often underpaid with nothing to do because of shortages or affirmative action programs.

    Don’t get me wrong, Metzger is an interesting guy and has his heart in the right place but my’o,my.


    • And Germany wasnt racist. They treated Jesse Owens like a king. The jews at the Waldorf Astoria treated him like a nigger. If you heard interviews of Jesse Owens, he spoke like an articulate European.
      Hitler made so many fundamental military blunders, he might have well served communists interests. NS was happening early on before AH “came to power” . If Hitler had bombed England early on, STRATEGICALLY it probably would have almost ended the war. %80 NS Germany was riding bicycles and horses into Russia, near the end of the war. Over depleted. Once the “judeans declared war on Germany” in ’33 he should have arrested AT LEAST all influential jews and held them hostage. If AH outlined the Red Threat early on to England, they might have joined in. America wooed Poland early on, then renegged and Poland got fucked as well. If Poland was on board early, they wouldnt have lost. But what bothers me most is AH left the civilians and Hitler Youth, unarmed. Getting gang raped and murdered. Why he was in Africa, probably for oil, refined into gasoline while Russia was running tanks on diesal . Some researchers say he was getting meth injections from his jewish doctor, I hate the jews, Id never let a jew doctor touch me. You get 1 peace proposal warning , then I bomb the shit out of you. Not 23. AH didnt bring the urgency if the Red Menace to the world, or didnt articulate it properly. Sorry guys, I think all these guys are agents. Pierce, Rockwell, Metzger, Duke and all their ilk. If you want to deal with the blacks you need to deal with the God damn jew first. Focusing primarily on blacks and other races is a bad chess move and is a waste of mental strategic energy.


      • Hitler wasn’t racist. Is that a joke?
        Of course, you don’t need to mistreat Negroes that you invite to your country as guests. (Berlin 1936). Why would you do that as some sort of sick sport?
        And Owens was a great athlete and a decent black. Why not be friendly to him? He was a guest in Germany. Adidas even sponsored his shoes for no US company would have him wear their product.
        You see, the US’ racism via segregation is a bad compromise. Separation is much better and then of course you can have friendly relationships with alien races.


      • Oh and Hitler helping the Commies?
        Yeah totally, 20 million Red Army soldiers killed totally helped the Commies.
        No, it wasn’t the US supplying the USSR with free shit and it wasn’t Britain that declared war on Germany for no reason other than destroying Germany and helping Communism to win in Eastern Europe and Russia.

        No Hitler was at fault for having to defend Germany from a conspiracy of world empires wanting to crush the Axis nationalist countries. Pffft.


  7. I said Germany wasnt racist. Hitler was a racialist. He also said in notes near rhe end that he shouldn’t have been so over concerned with the racial aspects. He should have concentrated on the mongolians coming iver the border. What happened in WW Iand WWII Germany took decades of planning and subjection of Germany. Why ? Because Germany was the capital if Europe. Its where the best minds were and where the best minds met to make better world . “Kill the best of gentiles” so we have a drunk judaized Europe and a judaized drunk Russia. Who neither nation has brought any value to the world. I pick fights and intimidate Englishmen in my country. Except for a few rugby players, They are fucking pussies. The Russians arent too bright either but can be be quite big and strong. Im always amazed how easily the European mind is manipulated. For centuries they have been used and abused. Drafted and enslaved. And the American whites are the dumbest lot of them all. Like Michael Hoffman said, “The white race are the golem for the rabbis.” That is one of the most brilliant and most fucked up observations ever stated. So spot on.


  8. Good show!
    TT still underrates the jew problem,
    but I’ve come closer to him with this:
    Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
    Enemy #1 is the Race Traitor Elite !!!


  9. That was the problem, Hitler let the jews emigrate to America and Europe to continue their vaudvulle act. There will be no emigrating here, they get dealt with cheka style, they are over fucking due. Either blacks get in line or they will be shot. I had friends who lived in The Bronx. They tell me about the race brawls and fights they got into every single day. Fights at rhe bus stop. Fights in the school. Fights after school. They would brawl. Instigated by the malnourished blacks. Hundreds on each side. The whites beat the mother living piss out of them, Every day. Honestly? I had NO idea it was so fucking bad. I grew up in suburbia, where we had problems, but I was clueless about the cities, which are all jewish ghettos anyways. “Nobody called the cops ?” I asked. “Nope” . So if I asked you how many whites in America were killed by blacks, over night in 24 hours ? A few hundred ? That still doesnt come close to death by jew doctor. Which is 2500-5000 a day, everyday, if you include “natural causes” . Jews are playing the blacks against the whites. The jew bankers and corporations dont hire blacks. So its not the white race holding them down. Blacks probably kill more of their own than white people. My point is, if the jew doctirs kill off the whites there wont be any white race left to broadcast to. My goal is to get my enemy to fight my enemy. Sun Tzu. I know plenty if jew wise blacks, who are reasonable. I know who the real enemy is here in NY. As for welfare ? Orthodox hasidim scam it all with their giant houses, section 8, welfare, food stamps with with 13 baby goats. Lets not forget Obamas bailout of Wall St jews to a tune of trillions. Now they are buying up everybodies houses and forcing out the whites.


    • If jews didnt import the other races, to fill the vacuum of exterminated whites, the streets would be near empty. Thats the God damn truth.


  10. What are we gonna do Shaun ? Lets review –
    1) Our own race doesnt listen to anything, thats about over %90 of the fucking problem. They will never wake up until the racist immigrants are raping their wives/girlfriends/sons/daughters etc then its too late. But fuck them they werent listening anyways.
    2) the blacks and abbos are the first line pawns who will probably be taken out by the police and armed (whats left) white population or kill each other.
    3) we have a militarized police that will protect the jews and ruling elite, until they cant. Then the military will be called up and since most military are immigrants now, dont expect them not to fire on whites.
    Ive been trying to wake everybody up to 911, nobody listens and that event was the clarion call to prepare.
    Tom Metzger did and interview with Nicolas Shreck . He is Anton LeVeys “son in law” satanist, Werewolf Radio guy. I think Nicolas put it all in perspective in his cynical way. We have three fronts to battle. We are out numbred thanks to the jew doctors killing off the white race, enmasse, If you want to live, you will probably have to retreat to a safe area and arm yourself. But from what I understand England and Australia rolled over like puppies and handed their guns in. America is psychotically over armed. But the jew doctors have everyone compromised medically, with pills and neurological damage.
    Move like water, get to a safe place if thats possible, know who your allies are, if you have any. Personally its probably too late for most. Once the shooting starts, its pretty much over for a “civilized” world. Other than that, I dont have the answers anymore. Apparently my strategy to wake people up, for the last 25 years, didnt work. Im 60 so im pretty much done with my wretched horrible fucking life anyways. Thats my future.

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  11. Gadsen, if you can email me, I have a lifetime of cutting edge notes on jews. Deep game, stuff nobody discusses. Sir Shaun if you can see my email, please pass it onto Sir Gadsen. Thank you and God Bless.


  12. The warring attitudes of Europeans, the barbarians, has indeed become perpetual and peace no longer even a fleeting wish nor a distant memory for these I-hate-civilization-bustards. They’ve made it so that we have become habituated to the rumblings of their wars and the steady drum beats of their propaganda about war’s necessity and the so-called noble motives that inspire it. These Europeans will close hospitals. They will close schools. They will close libraries and museums. They will sell off community parklands and water sources. People will sleep on the streets and go hungry. But the war machines of the barbarians, for this all that they are, must go on. Thanks for clarifying this to all and sundry!
    imitazione bulgari collana oro rosa


    • pardon me, but this is a very uneducated sjw statement.
      or it’s written in israel or the colonies.
      Guess you’re NOT living in the homeland of us whites: Europe.


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