The Green Pilled Perspective 2017-08-22

On this edition of TGPP, Gadsden speaks about:

  • Gadsden believes that Charlottesville was completely set-up by the system with paid actors involved
  • Gadsden reads parts of talking about the importance of telling the whole truth unlike what the alt-right does
  • Baby left to die was found alive covered with ants
  • Jews plan to flee Israel after they fuck up white countries
  • Gadsden reads a list of demands from a Negress who thinks whites should give coloreds whatever they want
  • White kid gets kicked out of college for silently saluting Robert E. Lee in a confederate uniform
  • Gadsden believes there is a greater war between Odin and the Gods versus Loki and the Jotunns
  • ACLU will no longer defend 2nd amendment rights to free speech
  • Gadsden agrees with Kaepernick supporters to boycott the Negro Felon League (NFL)
  • Gadsden believes defending statues are worthless because we will build new statues once we defeat ZOG

And more…


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

——– ——
22:14:00 bump Gadsden\In\Celtic Warrior – White resistance.wav
22:15:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Max Resist – 14 Words.wav
22:29:00 bump Gadsden\In\Final War – Brotherhood.wav
22:30:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Lyrics HD.wav
22:44:00 bump Gadsden\In\Assjack and Hank III Tennessee Driver.wav
22:45:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Blue on black With lyrics.wav
22:57:20 bump Gadsden\In\Hank Williams III – Deep Scars w- LYRICS.wav
22:59:00 bump Gadsden\Out\Pagan Metal – Stand as One.wav
23:00:12 bump Gadsden\Out\Max Resist-HammerSkins.wav
23:14:00 bump Gadsden\In\Hank Williams – Honky Tonkin’.wav
23:15:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Krummi Svaf i Klettagja Icelandic.wav
23:29:00 bump Gadsden\In\Erika – German Marching Song.wav
23:30:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Max Resist – Maximum Resistance.wav
23:44:00 bump Gadsden\In\Faun – Federkleid.wav
23:45:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Nordic-Viking Music – Vinterns Dröm.wav
23:57:20 bump Gadsden\In\Hank Williams III Runnin’ & Gunnin’.wav
23:59:00 bump Gadsden\Out\Song of the South Alabama Lyrics.wav

2 thoughts on “The Green Pilled Perspective 2017-08-22

  1. thanks for the show Gadsden. The reason why i tune int and listen to a show is when someone has streetcredit, ie experienced the issues they are talking about, in that way everyone has their own expertise.
    In your earlier broadcasts i enjoyed your commentaries, interactions and thoughts on the status of the youth, the school-system and other related topics. For me that was the cherry on the cake.


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