The Changing Face of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, is going to be changing face. After the latest shenanigans with Charlottesville, a light has been shone upon us as white nationalists that has made it extremely difficult to continue talking about race, Judaism, even religion to a certain degree. At least for some of us, that had plans specific to remaining somewhat underground.

John Percent, and myself warned you months ago about what was to come if these kinds of mistakes were to be made. It fell on deaf ears.

I am familiar with a lot of my audience. I have kept in close contact with some of them, whether it be e-mail contact or even face-to-face contact. I know that some of them are going to be passionate in their thought, when it comes to thinking that it was the Jew or the Negro or even the Muslim that has driven me to the decision that I am about to explain to you. But they would be wrong!

The decision that has been made has been made by you! You the person who refused to listen to what people like John Percent and myself had to say. And due to this, certain consequences have befallen us.

It’s very easy for some of you, that live normal everyday lives to be able to continue to talk about race, Judaism and even religion as a whole. However, it is not as easy for me to do that, given that I have been helping certain movements behind the scenes to progress in their fight against what some of you call the New World Order.

Before Charlottesville, we were still somewhat under the radar, yet able to wake more and more people up in an almost underground fashion. Now that we have the Charlottesville spotlight upon us, this has made it extremely difficult not just for the movements that I have been working for, but for those of us that have been working for them.

Through gradualism and subtlety we were waking people up faster than we were ever waking people up before. Again, for some of you, that may still be viable, but for others such as myself it’s simply not possible, because if I was to continue doing things the way that I did them on my broadcast, now that we do indeed have the Charlottesville light upon us, I would become detrimental to the remnants of the movements that I have been helping for so many years.

You made your bed now lie in it!

It’s obvious to me now there are more people out there that don’t get it than I could have ever imagined. There are more people out there that are less of intelligence than I ever thought. For so many to believe that going on ground at Charlottesville would be a good thing or was a good thing, absolutely astounded me and astounds me to this day.

Both the Alt-Right and Antifa have been put in place to destroy what was left of white nationalism. And that is exactly what they have done. You believe, that the Alt-Right is the good side and then you have another group of people that believe Antifa is the correct side to support. You have all been doofed to believe either one of these are the good side let alone had anything to do with white nationalism.

You have been fooled ladies and gentlemen. You have been caught like a stupid fish hook, line and sinker! Like the dullards you are, you were led by the nose literally the (((nose))) to your non-logical, non-commonsensical doom!

So now, you have made your bed and you must lie in it. I will not be the last person that has to change the face of the way I have been doing things in this movement. And by movement, I don’t mean the bowel movement that comes out of the Alt-Right; I mean the proper white nationalist movement that had been waking people up for the better part of three decades.

From now on, each and every host on WTFR will be doing their broadcasts at their own risk without the protection of the network. Should one of the hosts come to blows with the Alt-Right or Antifa or even the mainstream media and the government that puppeteers it, the host will be alone in its defence. It is now every man for himself. The reason being is because I have enough risk placed on me as does the network as a whole, as it is.  Disclaimers at the beginning of each show and during some of the breaks will be made, that explain the host is absolutely responsible for  his or her conduct on his or her broadcast and that the network cannot be held responsible in any way shape or form and nor can the other hosts.  So if you as a host fuck up, I hope you have a good lawyer.

Now to the greatest addendum to all of this.

Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed is now changing face. As stated, due to the Charlottesville spotlight upon the network and its hosts, I have decided that in the interests of the movements I have been working for for so long, the best thing I can do is change the face of the show. I will be talking science, food and health, I will even touch upon supernatural phenomenon. I’ve even been wanting to talk more about the sixth sense and of course I will be talking about creating a village away from everything mainstream as has been discussed on the broadcast before.

No more race, no more Judaism, no more alt Right, Antifa, mainstream media or a government bullshit! It just can no longer be afforded thanks to the stupidity out of the brainwashed masses. And it’s not as much about what happened in Charlottesville but more so the whole idea that if it happened once it will happen again, again, and again! And that is what we are witnessing right now coming out of Stormfront among other foolish networks that just don’t get it!

We had a chance once, but we do not any longer. What we are seeing now are simply the crumbs after an avalanche that will soon fall down the side of the cliff in a single day.

Over the last week, I actually thought that we probably still have a chance to bring white nationalism back to life and to its former glory using an even slower version of gradualism over the next 30 years. Then I came to my senses. There is no saving what has been lost. Now, it’s time for damage control and that damage control will come by separating ourselves from anything mainstream. In other words focusing on creating our white village.

To the hosts of WTFR, do what you may whether it be leave the network or stick around with false hope. It’s entirely up to you. I will be doing a totally different broadcast to what I have been doing in recent years, and focusing on creating a village away from all of this and I leave it up to you to decide what it is you want to do.

The Candour Hour.

The Candour Hour will continue as promised to Colin Todd and Rob Black. I am a man of my word.  I will read from their books and promote their magazines.

The beginning of the end.

This for me, is the beginning of the end.  I have been in this too long to want to restart it all again and that is what I would be doing.  I am 42 and the last thing I want is to become and old man that realises that what I have done, has been a waste of my time utterly because of stupid people.  I won’t do it.  It’s time for me to move on and do something that I know will help people, because being in this racial fight, has done absolutely nothing.  FUCKING NOTHING!  It’s an utter and ridiculous waste of time, due to dumb fucking people.  DUMB FUCKING PEOPLE!

Have a good day/night.


3 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed

  1. Damn Shaun, sad news. Here are my thoughts and points I’ll share about this I have been pondering since you posted this. In my condition it will take some time but will get it off my chest.

    Of course I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but I doubt it’s anything I haven’t experienced, lost, or felt like, including many periods of burn-out, totally crashing and burning, broke – in the streets, wandering to other states in search of truth, dealing with the facade of idiots like Turner to Jew Front and many more, along with running a tad nuts at times. Also why I had to quite drinking alcohol/booze or trying to “fit in” anywhere. I am also… not a speaker, have the gift of gab or writer. If I had that talent like you do I’d have a program on your station… because YOU are REAL. And would stay there like some others have on various radio stations, truth tellers, or independent places until old age or until I dropped. Besides, staying in the battles or game, is exactly what the Jews, communist, activist, paid informants, liars, professional agent provocateurs, propagandist do. While we sleep they are active and planning in mass. Laughing at our down times to enjoying their false flag attacks to the choreographed intentional, set-up, events/distractions like in VA (Charlottesville).

    The noose is tightening around all White necks.
    John B. Wells below.

    Heck. Fall back, relax, holiday, vacation, tend to family, re-structure, re-group. Maybe do something along the lines of Wells’ programing or commentary. Just a thought or idea. I know, change is, or can be, difficult.

    Believe me, in my youth and in union affairs I have attended communist, Democrat/Neocon activist events complete with readings/activism/tactics from “Rules for Radicals, “Communist Manifesto,” “Mossad,” “Sun Tzu,” Tall-mud, etc. All in concert to promote and destroy us and our countries. All presented as good, palatable, sweet Kool Aid, profitable, needful. We White people and our various beliefs no matter what they are. If it is about White culture our ancient ways… it is to be totally destroyed, torn down like Confederate statues then replaced with some disgusting thing like a Negro pregnant female. Easy to see where all this is heading. To today in Indiana our enemies are gaining strength, have total control over our media, and White people not wanting to get involved or for their safety, security, employment, etc., must be trendy and join the herd of Antifa and the communist. That includes politicians, all.

    First off: I am White, sixty five years old, a veteran, probably labeled today as a racist, terrorist, hater, etc. As a veteran I am automatically, officially, under negro Obummer ( a phony, fake, illegal, foreign born, anti-American, lying X president) listed as a domestic terrorist by my own government and certain agencies while Trump has not mentioned anything about this issue. Been treated as such by the VA health care system, totally politically unrepresented, ignored by media, and others who are as corrupt as hell and behind the smiling faces, both White and colored, hate us or treat us like cattle.

    I look back and see the majority of things I have done, those who I have tried to help (including darkies and real haters) in many ways including the problems getting off of dope and booze, to inform, against the massive amounts of corruption I stood up to (and still do), the beatings I took, the scars, injuries (some that worsen with age), threats, financial hits and loses, court room corruption/hassles, falsely arrested, countless enemies made – especially those in local and state governments, politicians, veteran groups to the brain dead or socially engineered, lost days of sleep, loss of jobs, relationships, family divisions, being misunderstood, the opportunities lost or I denied because of my personal constitution, by beliefs, voicing historical or real events that have been ignored or revised or unreported, to appease our many enemies, my stance on many things. All I could say today for…” FUCKING NOTHING.” Mainly because of …. seeing nothing changed, or not much, and because of … “DUMB FUCKING PEOPLE.” I get it. It’s also signs of the times with the DFP.

    With the above said. Our struggles are akin to trying to help people with addiction issues or trying to deprogram people from involvement in various cults either in the mainstream or fringe groups who will drink the Kool Aid till they die and probably leaving it a generational issue. The success rate for trying to get people ‘clean’ is not very good. If you have one success to see one go long term sobriety and prosper is like, in my humble insider opinion, one in one thousand. Not very good at all. Yes, I haven’t kept track but I’ve probably seen those numbers or more, literally.

    I wish computers were around in my time or youth, that I had your knowledge, skills, voice, select connections, opportunities to continue to reach out. However, today I have one foot on a banana peel the other in the grave. More selective to where I use my real name and where I broadcast my information to and why. I can’t and will not tangle with others or the corrupt on their turf like at city council meetings or town hall events, too dangerous alone. I am fairly, for the most part alone in a three far left leaning communist college town filled with corruption and evils. I can’t do the rally or traveling stuff. No more battles unless it’s to the end and final. No fear of Antifa scum or other scum. And am fairly well known here as one who will not submit, assimilate, or jump on the ‘in-crowds’ communist, White person hating bandwagons of filth and lies. If anything on any forum said negative about the area or scum here, it’s me certain officials will blame it on and I can wait to see the retaliation begin in this sanctuary town and state of tyranny to deception.

    Have out-lived many. Out lived life long friends, X- wives, girl friends, fiances, nuclear family, my most trusted confidants, great fair weather acquaintances, and other assorted best of friends. I have been the caretaker and death bed sitter for many. Today I don’t have that sort of thing for myself, and suffer illness, injury, suffering, alone. More of a hermit, recluse of sorts, than a old social butterfly. I don’t care to submit to be in any lying social organizations to have people around me, like a church “family.” They have too many demands and odd high expectations. As with college attempts I can’t tolerate BS, lies, emotional tactics, or sugar coated propaganda complete with false interpretation and more revised history because of Israel and others. Other family that do not care at all. I have been an island for the most part. I will die alone. I am fine with that and do not have many regrets with the choices I have made. Including voting for Trump to merely keep a Clinton out of high office. Which makes me a reason to be targeted again. Such is life in the new America under globalism and Israel.

    I am also writing this and stating the above as a REAL Christian. Once a old biker atheist 1% type in one compartment of my life, then experiencing my own Damascus Road spiritual experience, alone, no emotional or brain washing sermons, sober, no mental disorders, with the normally called “Holy Ghost,” “born again” experience that didn’t match up with nothing much on TV, apart from the normal judgements or expectations from every denomination out there, that is taught in bible colleges, the various denominations I knew nothing about, or didn’t agree much with other’s proclamations of such a spiritual experience or the kissing of ass of filthy Israel and Judaism. Those labels of Judeo Christianity or Christian Zionism that comes from most like John Hagee to Glenn Beck and many others is man made BS trying to make us all door-mats for Zionist, Isra-hell, and typical Jews/globalist. Who keep winning and growing. Which creates great divisions in the White world as much as those who divide us when hating on us so-called “Baby boomers” for all the wrongs in the world, or claiming we are all lazy scum living off of trust-funds which is more BS from the brain dead and shit stirrers. I fall more in line with the teachings of Tex Marrs and truth. Acharya S and her research makes for some good reads to study too. She also does not, did not, follow the “traditions of man.” Exposes it all really. That is my story and sticking to it. I am not changing to appease or pacify any group. Especially White trouble makers and phonies.

    Also, there is no trying to speak some sense or truth to the “Stormfront” loyalist, cult, and the likes. Might be a good place for beginners or a small stepping stone for some information but that’s it. I’ve been there, done that, got the threats, seen the corruption, lies, all the deleted posts and information that exposed the Jewish elements there – and moderators/donators, wasted my money, laughed at about it, then left them in the dust, etc. Not for me and I don’t trust a one of them. Or like D. Duke sticking his nose into things only to make matters worse intentionally, and to feed his ego and his agendas. The “Charlottesville event” was to “Unite the Right” not for a showing for ignorant extremist to get knee-jerk reactions, bad press, or paid activist to spoil things. Most of those idiots knew exactly what they were doing and what would come of it all. Like modern media needs anything more to spread lies and propaganda about.

    You are still young and maybe can reach some youth. Not many care to listen to, or be around some old White dude, or has been. Especially those of us who can see through some BS that is accepted by many, a cult, or a mob. Been around and heard enough in my lousy college town that the younger crowd, the Millennials, college kiddies or not, don’t’ care much, or even hate us old gents who have been around the block and can smell set-ups, intentional clashes, deep state, communist games, and false flags a mile away.

    There are also too damn many people in the so-called White movement or playing “White Nationalist” that go out of their way, or intentional push people away from their speech, threats, demands or what will be accepted in their circles or village. Some worse than the Jews demand. Some use every excuse to create division. Religion, flags flown, colors worn, diet, drink, job, spare hour use, our hobbies, etc. No end to the stupidity of it all. Tell me some fool is going to shoot me cause I don’t have a swazi tattooed on my forehead or bow to them at every turn, as an example, I am gone. I don’t suffer idiots and fascist of any kind.

    Lastly. Thank God, with the up and down of getting this written is causing me rigor mortis.

    Intentional communities or White communities: I haven’t seen them turn out well and many I would not want to try and sink everything in to. I’d like to know of one that has logically and rationally made it, or sustained for a time. Or have read, hear about some breaking and moving away after a time. Seems most turn ugly as did the hippie communes of old. As usual egos would clash, the alphas would bully and threaten, the well to do would look down on the not so well to do or not well connected, or the cliques would ruin things. Plus all the other basic problems with such things like with neighbors or local government.

    As an older disabled, handy-capable person, pretty much have always been told by any kind of socialist or those in intentional communities, the radicals, that old people are not wanted to us being shot for the sake of the White community. That was common on Shit Front. Being able to do some things and having knowledge is not enough to appease the fanatics, alphas, or control freaks. It turns out too many turn to want to micro manage others lives full circle regardless of what they claim or say anywhere. It’s different when people are in a group, and when times are hard. Too many today don’t know what sacrifice is and too many people don’t give a real damn about others, and too damn many psychopaths and pathological liars out there too. Others may not know what the hell they are talking about and never did any garden work or animal husbandry and think they can go to it all blind, inexperienced, and totally unaware of the consequences. The threats, stupid talk, has chased countless well meaning and interested people from the so-called “White Movement.” Also from the serious discussions and attempts of White rural living.

    Then, since people are worrying about legal issues, there are the issues of the others intentionally wanting to ruin planned White communities. They will have the backing of communist organizations like the ACLU or ADL of BB and more. Like here someone might buy some farm ground, make plans, start raising animals, farm, raise some hogs, plant fruit trees, only to have some Jews or others move down the way, even many miles, then complain about you having smelly non-kosher pigs on your own property. Regardless if they smell or not. Then like here, having to close down to appease the Jews/others. There have been videos on JewTube reporting of this happening or of off grid types hated for raising pigs. If they are still online. Can’t recall the name of one old white guy living off grid going through this but he was blunt about it.

    But a lot of those off grid or intentional group living videos are a joke too when we see those big fancy homesteads, some well cared for by some Jewish female with a ill or injured hubby, manicured lawn, perfectly kept, well painted, seems like new, perfect, owned by the chosen, make it, and look well, doing good, but supported by their comrades and own kind. Then getting and begging for donations for support. Odd how one woman can claim to do it all, yeah right. Tell me more bull shit. So of course they make it while making big bucks off of making videos sucking White people into their game or coming to their classes to try to learn something. Or having land to sell near them. Plenty of scams and typical feel sorry/victim stories out there to yet again fall for, weep for,…to support more of the parasites.

    Oh well. My rant and input is finished. If and when you leave you will be missed here. Like they used to tell us on airlines. To first put your own oxygen mask on because you can’t help others when you are dying or suffering yourself. Same logic applies to us. When we are burnt out, disorganized, spread too thin, suffering, we can’t do much for others. So take care of yourself Shaun, and yours. May the force be with you, live long and prosper.

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    • Whoa. Well that’s a huge slap in the face that was very needed right about now. I was going to write out a huge reply breaking it all down into points, but I will go one better and speak about this comment on the show.

      Sometimes, it’s comments or emails like this that I need to shake me up a bit and realise that I myself need to man-up a little.

      Thank You for your time and I can definitely appreciate the pains that got you here to make this very comment.

      Please tune in to TCTA this week, so that I can speak about this. I am positive that every listener of WTFR can appreciate your struggle and the advice you have given me here.

      You take care of yourself, and for fuck sake, clean up that banana peal near the grave, we need you in the fight somewhat longer, albeit you may be tired right now.

      A tilt of the hat and a Handshake to you Sir.


  2. About “focusing on creating our white village”; the countries have to be taken back, otherwise the ‘white villages’ would eventually be surrounded and exterminated by the negroids.
    Shaun: I don’t agree with you in all, but what you have done is NOT for nothing; the mass media has to have ‘competition’ and many people has blogs but very few have livestream radio, that’s important to wake people up, now with internet the ‘forbiden’ topics can reach out.


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