Email Criticism On Charlottesville 2017-08-18

Hey Ladies and Gents.

Well, as you can imagine, the type of radio we do can sometimes attract a very controversial crowd.  We get our good ones, bad ones, we get useful and useless ones.  The emails we have been receiving on Charlottesville have been around 95% good ones it’s safe to say, Vs the 5% bad or useless ones.

Sometimes at a glance, you find an email that starts of shit and then ends up great, but then sometimes you get an email that starts off fine but ends up crappy or useless.  Or crappy AND useless.

Here is one of those emails that dares to ‘take us to task’ for what we have had to say about Charlottesville, with sweet fuck all substance no less.  Well, I think this was less to do with Charlottesville and more to do with the fact that the author of the email, just not liking John Percent.  At least that’s how it comes across.

You know, you don’t have to like us, but at least we ain’t following the herd just to be accepted.  At least what you hear and read, is who we really are and what we really believe because of research and substance, not to mention good intuition and life experience, when it comes to John Percent and I.

Who are you going to be today?

Kick back with your favourite cuppa-tea and enjoy John Percent and myself, not only taking the email to pieces before it bores us to tears, (because we have seen this type of shit too many times before) but also bantering back and forth about Charlottesville and the morons behind it, some more.  Because we just KNOW the 5% are listening!  Why?  Because they luvs us!


23 thoughts on “Email Criticism On Charlottesville 2017-08-18

  1. After this broadcast, Blau Ocean had many things to say in response, in the TCTA chatroom. Here is my response to him:

    Let me tell you something Blau. I have wanted to give all this up for a long time now. You little bastards that take all this for granted make me sick. What is it you do in life anyway? Sit around in fuckin chatrooms criticising people that make all the sense in the world, just because you’ve been lead to believe (by jews no less) that battle on ground is the only way to go. You use shit brained ideas that have no fucking merit, nor commonsense OR fucking logic. Sun-Tzu had more commonsense than you and he isn’t even fucking white. All you know, is what your local jew tells you. So you go right ahead and be the armchair survivalist you are, and let us big men do all the sacrificing of our lives. Let us big men make the RIGHT decisions, all the while wondering why ZOG was able to gain power over your small fucking brain in the first place. It’s because of people like you and your herd mentality that my children may one day have to face some fucking jew rounding them up into camps themselves. Oh and why you’re at it, since you think you can talk the talk, walk the walk!!! Come on the show and debate me about it. Get on Johns show and debate HIM about it. Fuck, get on over to the States and join in with Spencer and see where the fuck that gets you. Be a man instead of a back seat fucking driver. Thats what I want to do, I want to give ALLLLLLLL this up, but I know better. Thats the difference between you and I Blau. I know where my integrity, my convictions, my will, and strengths need to be, even if I don’t want them to be there. Because there are things that are bigger than me, that need to be done.

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    • Did John say “good people along with the Neo Nazis?” Excuse me. But everyone knows that any image or showing of ‘Nazis,” flying the swastika, connected with anything will cause automatic socially engineered knee-jerk reactions and total focus of all Jew owned media. I hope he isn’t trying to side step this issue. I really don’t understand where he is coming from. Those “Nazis” did indeed help make Trump look like Hitler and to be used as the media desires, and to make the rest of us look evil with targets on our backs.

      In my locale and what I took time to listen to or read about that upcoming event was that it was “Unite the Right.” Period. To be peaceful and lawfully permitted. Not about any form of socialism or groups, without permits, that are considered to be radical fringe, or hate groups by the scum of the ADL of BB or SPLC. That plus Duke spouting off, then police herding them together then backing off, was a sure sign of anticipated and planned violent clash of cultures and groups with plain old White Nationalist wanting the same stuff all those other groups, and violent groups have, but we do not, left with soured egg on our faces. But there are videos and witnesses who can tell the truth about some of the things going on there. Not the edited versions of videos and reports Zio media is bombarding us with.

      It was definitely a staged and planned event. With more to come and not a time for White people to shut down and be silent. You don’t gear up for war or battle in a peaceful event, and both sides looking the same except for flags and speech, or yelling.

      The corrupt “deep state,” the Repukes and Communist Demorat parties, plus Soros, Duke, others, had this planned and knew the outcome. They all know Soros money funded this crap in other countries and now here. Now we see who all fell for this game, or was paid to play with their pawns. With the far left and communist pushing back now in every state wanting hate speech laws more hate crime laws just like Europe and Canada has. Just coincidence? I think not. Plus at the same time calling it illegal to record city hall meetings, to record our communications in court houses and much more. All the while unless people research on the net American sheep are being fed lies and propaganda about evreything, and bowing down to the Zionist and the corrupt in our government.

      I know local media was painting it all to be about White Supremacy and how it must be crushed and prevented from having any rights or voice at all. Complete with groups in my town with 3 communist colleges, professors, teachers, Jews, self hating white people, young kids age 10, all in support of Antifa and destroying the white race and history. How nice.

      Now is not the time for people to admit defeat or to back off. Not when others are intensifying their shit and growing in numbers due to the media and false reporting. Or just watching stupid shit on Faux News or the others. Duke, the Nazis, yelling White Supremacy did NOT do us any favors and did nothing for plain old White Nationalist like me.

      That said, all evil groups have been mentioned in news reports. Minus the many Latino La Raza, Jewish Supremacy Zionist, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, groups or countless White/American hating gangs in America running amuck and not being charge with hate crimes or being news worthy. Like a friend of mine being killed and never made the local news. Semite run him down, oh well. Nothing to report here.

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      • When you say “plain old White Nationalists” I refer to them as “real nationalists” not infiltrators. White Nationalism has been infiltrated to the hilt. Both the Alt-Right and Antifa were either set in place to, or simply allowed to, keep making us White Nationalists look like a bunch of barbaric thugs.

        Knowingly or unknowingly, they are doing the work of the jew.

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      • @ Shaun. Had to post here since I seen no reply button on your reply.

        “Plain ol’ White Nationalist” is just one of my habitual comments to the communist around here in town that want to label all of us/me together. With the extremist, Una-bomber, McVey, the Nazi side of things that some, agent or phonies probably, go around saying crap like killing off the old folks, shooting the disabled, attacking veterans, going to stab Trump voters in the neck, blah blah blah, Just the kind of crap that turns normal people’s gut. Not meant to mean infiltrators. It was known or expected that some ‘real’ White Nationalist would show up peacefully along with the “peaceful” “Unite the Right” people or groups. Whoever all falls under the umbrella of “Unite the Right” is beyond me.

        People are probably unaware that someone for a while has been posting Nazi styled stuff around for disabled veterans to see and cause trouble, calling names. Posting stuff like a video by someone called Sepp Dietrich and others called. “The Greatest Story Never Told.” Which is fine with me but the rude intrusions, name calling. attacking old torn up veterans searching for some help and sharing horrible stories about how our VA health care system and government is denying us quality care, threatening us, or making some kill themselves in VA parking lots… is not cool nor good policy or tactics. Seemingly Trump so far, nor Congress, or Shulkin … the new Jew over the VA health care system doesn’t give a real damn. So none of us need the added shit from more activist or groups. The VA staff, their Federal unions, the SEIU globalist unions to uncaring, incompetent foreigners working there, affirmative action types is quite enough to deal with. Plus there are enough darkies working the VAs that hate us Whites and show enough disrespect, corruption, to proof it.

        Whether those posting stuff and running around causing problems to be noticed, trying to get people to read or watch their information, or if they, or some agent provocateurs is not doing any good to anyone on the White side of these issues. Just the opposite and really pissing people off with this totally unnecessary posting of such stuff on anti -VA health care boards or chats. Or calling veterans complaining about things, and about the government is also not a good thing, or not really a well intended thing to do.

        Plain ol White dude or plain ol’ White Nationalist to me, or used by me is more like a local colloquial kind of usage like my country sounding Hoosier accent. I forget the college linguistic term for it. But like common to the region speak. With no offenses meant to White Nationalist.

        The flip side wants to call me honky, cracker, snowflake, Nazi, anti-Semite, MoFo, Townie hick, and the rest. I just comment, smile, I am a just a plain old White Nationalist, period. Depending on my mood I may ask them if they are feeling brave and froggy. They can always try to jump on this ol’ plain White Nationalist and Patriot. lol

        PS I will try to stay up late tonight or out of ben and listen in Thank You!


      • I will have to reply to the rest of this later Indiana, because I am getting ready to go live on The Candour Hour at 8 PM EST American time, but in brief, I think you misunderstood what I meant about the infiltrator comment. What I was saying, was that many people don’t realise that “plain ol White Nationalism” is actually the TRUE nationalism, but since we have been infiltrated by the Alt-Right White Nationalism has taken on a new face. A fake one at that, which has made us TRUE nationalists look bad.

        You, being a “plain ol White Nationalist” are a TRUE White Nationalist. You are not one of these fakers that have destroyed the face of TRUE WN’ism. I will read the rest of your comment later.

        Cheers for now.

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    • Hi Shaun, I haven’t been to renegade website for about 9 months, and just noticed everyones gone. Did they fall out with even more presenters, as they had Rob Reyvolt and Circus Max back then? Suprised anyone could fall out with Rob.


      • Yep Coltshire. They fire pretty much anybody that does not agree with them. Funny that I have only had to tell one person here to take her leave and in many ways I think that was a mistake on my behalf. We did lose a host here of recent however and I will be discussing that on tonights/todays show.


  2. John was somehow able to impress into your mind that i endorsed charlottesville, where i was actually one the first to criticise it. if ya gonna criticise someone’s position on an issue ya first have to make sure that thats his or her position……………….
    On an earlier broadcast you invited criticism of johns article, bit like google that asked for criticism on a diversity memo and look what happened, then you took that criticism to the personal level.
    Like i posted in the chat this thing is 90% miscommunication/misunderstanding and 10% disagreement with the article which was enough to take it to the personal.

    At least thats clarified now


  3. When he said I use “feminist” vernacular in the chat room, that was just hurling unwarranted insults out of boredom and proving he cannot debate against our point of view…

    …when he advanced the idea “we should play the victim” I was done with him…


  4. 2-1 i like these odds….. @ john ya used the word ‘sexist pig’ to describe trump, surprised ya didn;t call him a ‘homofobe’ or a ‘hater’………….. , usually only sjw feminist people use that kind of language, no boredom there just obervation. further @ john is it ‘our’ or ‘i’? make up your mind…..

    adressed the victim playing comment already in chat in comment on show (which ya ignored or didn;t read) here it is again: “with playing victim card mean, continue to point out the stuff antifa + (((media))) does and show how radical/commie and unfair that is, so it doesn;t mean portraying duke or spencer as victim” aka their overt outragious unlawfull anti white behaviour will do the propaganda for us…………


  5. “Don’t forget too, that you sent the email to me, not John.” i won’t. did not expect a two hour bitchfest cohost public radioshow on one email sent to you in private, but fun it surely was.

    thank you for the experience


  6. Hey big dick surplus,

    Whatchoo gonna do
    Jig-a-boo when the niggers
    At Anonymous hack your
    And then…
    Antifa cuts that dick off?


    • I’d like to see that, you obvious zero educated ebonics talkin piece of frog shit. That would be a neat trick.

      You’re right about one thing, you are indeed a shit4brains. You left out the part where you’re also a useless eater breathing air that good people can breathe. Do yourself and the world a favour, consider “checking out”. It’s about the only thing you could do to make this a better planet.


  7. common sense. rather then flooding the chatroom&site with ‘half sentences & lol’s’ which could be easily interpreted as ‘self-entitled arrogance’ which will have any WN worth his salt cringe,
    at this time a debate on air would be more beneficial & fun, and Blau you understand this, so,
    hey! why not make it educational to the listener , why not make this ‘issue’ a learning curve,
    and take the topic away from the possible realm of ‘infighting’ . as some idiots would like to make it their daily fix of adrenaline. No, we don’t have time to cater for these junkies.
    Have seen Blau for last 5 years in the chatrooms :
    a.posting links/news . -thank you.
    followed by
    b. 6million ‘LOL’ s. -and fuck you.
    i don’t know if you can see it but that way you undermine everything you state or post,(!)
    and that is a tactic we see over & over again with the gatekeepers like A.Jones & D.Icky.
    Shaun’s invitation to debate him on air, imo, is a great chance to show that we all have different angles and perspectives, and to clarify you’re not a gatekeeper who’s tactic mo is ‘mr.confusion’.
    all the best.

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  8. Who were you again b52? Must have missed that in the chat.

    Let me start with clarifying that a small ‘lol’ means the following : ‘shit’ ‘fuck’ ‘mmm okay’ ‘dammit this sucks’ and not a laugh out loud. With this i hope to have clarified any misunderstanding regarding the phrase ‘lol’ that i use. (ya like the full sentence?)
    Would like to note that somehow after 5 years of ‘watching’ my posts you were not able to come to this conclusion yourself? Or ask me what it meant. So this confusion is all on you.

    Maybe it would be a good idea if you went onto a fun debate show with shaun and explain how you are not a gatekeeper or goverment watcher, show the different angles and perspectives where you are coming from and make it a learning curve for the listener.

    Thank you for pointing out my white LOL privilege though and how that is a tactic we see over & over again with the gatekeepers like A.Jones & D.Icky. i do remember the many times i cringed when i heard jones and icke LOL in their statements on air (!)

    great discussion


    • That’s ridiculous Tim and you know it. So now you make up your own language? Anybody knows that LOL is an acronym for Laugh Out Loud. So if you go ahead and define it something different, we are just suppose to know it?

      How many years have I known you Blau? I didn’t know that LOL meant something different to you.

      You know the more you write here, the more you demonise yourself, so why not just shut your pie hole and come onto the show, to clarify exactly what it is that you meant to say in your response to John. A “private” response as you put it, that I believe should have gone to John in the first place, not me.


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