TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-08-17

**DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER – Shaun pulls no punches for anybody, however in saying that, he means no disrespect toward anybody such as John Beattie, but things need to be said.  John has the same rights on this network, should he want to take Shaun to task on his show.  Hardcore debate is more than welcomed on this network.  DISCLAIMER, over and out.**

On this episode, Shaun begins by taking some comments to task that attempted to make it to the TCTA Unleashed website.  He then moves on to discuss what took place in Charlottesville and adds a bonus couple of hours onto the broadcast so that John Percent and Gadsden can join him to talk further.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

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Friday, 18 August 2017

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2 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-08-17

  1. Hi Shaun.

    It’s “John Colonel Sanders” here.

    I want to apologise for what I wrote the other night. I was extremely drunk and although that is not an excuse, it explains my obnoxious post.

    I am not an idiot and I know I did come across that way in my writings.

    I fully get your response as it was well warranted.

    I want to apologise for calling you those names and never use them in regular parlance. I was just so annoyed at everything surrounding Charlottesville that I was listening to some of your podcasts and let it out on you.

    I don’t know why man. It just happened. Again, complete apologies.

    The best way to describe the amount of alcohol consumed is heroic. It was all homebrew (ginger beer@10%). By the time I wrote the post I had consumed the equivalent of most of a 23L vat (with a few mates).

    We are at varying levels of awakening, but we had been watching the charlottesville march on the american last stand channel. To all of us, it was fucking awesome and we didn’t see how it could be a problem. I still don’t. I’ve heard your comments about how it was premature but I don’t get it. It was an awesome public display of resistance to our genocide. Most of us have gone through the standard wake up route of first questioning reality and knowing something was off, then onto Alex Jones and learning about other criminal networks and reading other websites. Biggest wake up call for us all was learning that the 6 million incineration was a lie as documented by jews themselves who were there and also the video which shows all the newspaper articles before the war crying 6 million jews dead, or dying.

    We are all at varying levels of awakening but we all know it is essentially the Jewish mindset and genetics and possibly a spiritual aspect that has infected our people.

    We know it is also through freemasonry that the politicians have been selected because they are either into sicko stuff and can be bribed or are just sado machos who love power and persecuting their own people. (Or anyone in general).


    I hope this clears it up and again, I apologise for even typing the comment let alone sending it.

    Thank you for all you do Shaun.

    I (and my mates) really appreciate it and there are alot of people who know what is going on.


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