The STUBBORN Defenders of the Charlottesville Train Wreck – By John Percent

Alright gang, here is a summary of my criticisms against the still STUBBORN defenders of the Charlottesville train wreck! These guys are still blaming Antifa, blaming the Jewish mayor, blaming the corrupt cops who “lied” to them and told them they’d be protected from BLM, SJW’S and Antifa, only to declare their assembly unlawful and the allow the savages to attack them freely…

Shaun and I get tired of saying “you dumb f*cks, WHAT did you expect???”

So, here are my thoughts, via a collection of Tweets I sent out after absorbing the aftermath of the reports from Charlottesville.  You will all recognize what type of rationality I am responding to as you read them; but know this…the mainstream media in the United States had also reported on the rally before it happened, and thanks to David Duke’s personal appearance there, and the violent fatal car crash that occured, ALL non-cucked white people in the United States are enemy #1 to the Jew; and this ATTITUDE will be made into lawful public policy through the ensuing propaganda that successfully baited the immature, ignorant, and the desperate to achieve Lauren Southern/Luke Rudkowski fame & popularity on social media and YouTube amongst the audience of David Duke, Stormfront, Alex Jones, and other useless tough-talking Anglinites out there!

We, at WTFR, were never going to cuck to the Alt Right; we can spot an operative, and we know from those willing to break jaws in histories past to keep white countries pro-white, that Jewish funny money would BUY compromise and cuckery and masses of defenders of the status quo, who would embrace degeneracy, and NEVER show up, or risk losing their creature comforts for our white posterity when a STAND had to be taken!

If you are any sort of white nationalist, you’ll come OUR WAY and start speaking your mind; and stop DREAMING that if you craft your words the right way, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame on Tucker Carlson….  It’s not going to happen!!!

The State, run by the Jews, full of entrenched career anti-white elites and political whores are your enemy, not the paid fodder of non-whites and trust fund baby Antifas who can’t string together a cogent sentence to articulate what foreign & domestic policies they support and why!!!  Wake Up…. And know…  WTFR is leading the way, not ANY white ANYTHING or ANYBODY that gave that faggot Milo 1/6400th of an ounce of credit, gratitude, or praise in order to keep it ‘civil’!

Now, to begin, this is what I see…  What brought all this on…  Criticism against the Middle East wars that have EXPANDED under Obama and are slated to escalate under Trump(or most likely President Pence when they bump Trump for not condemning Charlottesville strongly enough, which has already started!), criticism of these wars by thinking whites is the ULTIMATE problem! This is, and has been a PR nightmare for the Jews and Israel since George W. left office.  Both the left and the right mainstream media simply CANNOT muster up the desired 40% approval for a nuclear strike against all remaining inhabitants of the land we know as “The Greater Israel”.

So, what they have done to the whites growing more patriotic, and waking up to AIPAC ownership of our politicians on both sides of the aisle is….  They threw non-whites at us to PROVOKE us, and now we see, it worked!!!

The media campaign that will NOW be condemning us ALL because of Charlottesville, which was staged, a psyop and all that, will be coming from Israel!  To them, Pro-white doesn’t mean anti-nonwhite or anti-immigration: pro-white ONLY means anti-semetism!!!  We’re all so quick to pop-off against blacks on welfare, blacks burning down their own cities, or illegal Mexicans who do the landscaping for most of the K-street lobbyists and everything their tentacles touch, than we are to do the research and trace and publish the financing by the Jews behind these powerless human activists in various ‘community organizations’!  Few do this research, and report it to us, but many wanna rush out to have fistacuffs with any minority group that has less power than Antifa!

Now, quickly, to speak of or to the assertion about these guys being “set up”:  I Tweeted that I opposed these rallies 100%, they are manufactured to draw you out so the STATE can crush you: Spencer & Duke are tools, they set you up!!!  Interesting how Stormfront has gone out of their way ad nauseum to say “the cops are on our side”, and encouraging more rallies!!!  They took the monuments, they’ll ban the confederate flag; they’ll MOCK you when you follow the tiki-torch fraudster; we’re smarter than that!  You’re blaming the wrong people (cops), you shouldn’t have even left your damn house! Sorry, man: what did you expect with a 6 week buildup on social media?? Stormfront hosts went on to say Friday before the rally that the “electoral process won’t work”, yet it was that process that gave us this very State!!!  What would make ANY of you think the State, or any state agency, would side against BAR lawyers, political correctness??? Their very PAYCHECKS are tied to perpetuating it!!!

…  As you rightly discern, we’re going against the system, but the system is not going to turn against itself; the paper notes are INFINITE, since 1913 it was all meant to bring about a justification, popular support for, a DEMOCRATIC initiative to genocide whites who have historically called out the Jew, and were always proven right!!!

In conclusion folks, we’re entering in to a MAINSTREAM public campaign against whites that the world has never seen before!  As Shaun shared with us in a recent broadcast; the ball known as World War 2 began rolling with a boycott of German products and services; history is cyclical, and Jews once again have revealed their true nature, and once again whites have accurately called them out for their crimes and their deceptive schemes to steal the wealth of our nations in land and hard assets, and how they do so through gaining power over our politics and even our churches!

Any and all whites currently fighting this fight better GROW UP, realize that celeb personalities in this movement do not have your best interest in mind; they’re in it to make merchandise out of people and heap to themselves MORE creature comforts with a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude!  We’ve all seen what Alex Jones has become; Duke is a millionaire, under no threat to suffer like James Trafficant or Edgar Steele did, and Richard Spencer comes from wealth and is NO bonafide patriot!  You guys are going to need to come on board with us, it’s graduation time; acceptance and popularity only comes by being NO THREAT to the enemy, and if that’s why you’re in this movement, you’re useless, period!

12 thoughts on “The STUBBORN Defenders of the Charlottesville Train Wreck – By John Percent

  1. There ate a few bullet points Id like to make –
    1) Niggers sold niggers into slavery
    2) Jews ran the slave trade.
    3) Duke will NEVER tell you that the KKK was started by jews very much like the NAACP was.
    4) Duke will NEVER tell you jew doctors are THE leading cause of death of the European male from opioid abuse and all the other shit pills doled out. Amongst other medical disasters.
    I used to like Duke, he said a few good things, but I now repent for my sins of ignorance. He different from that nigger jew Sharpton inciting violence.

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  2. We are well past the age of saviors. The very state that wants us genocided is NOT going to yield to our whims. It is like asking the fox not to kill the chickens. Like hell it will stop because you asked it. It is a fox. It is what they do to chickens.

    Appealing to the state is not going to work when it is the state that is acting towards white genocide. We will not have discussions with these people. We will work towards the solutions without their knowledge, input or consent – just as they have done to us.

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    • Right…there is a sentence in the Declaration of Independence that says “…it is their right, it is their DUTY to throw off such tyranny…”; but Duke and Spencer and Stormfront would instruct their audiences to chase YouTube fame, or, invade cities that are NOT theirs, are knowingly against them, and put the beatdown on other unemployed Millennials with idle hands, full of ignorance.

      Kyle Hunt wrote an article today ripping on The Right Stuff’s Mike Enoch as an Alt Right ‘leader’ unworthy of anyone’s attention, and sure as shit, Mike Enoch managed to meet up with Duke at Charlottesville over the weekend, and ended up being Duke’s guest for an hour today on his radio show.

      Funny thing how this so-called movement keeps spinning its wheels, both bashing and using one another in pursuit of nickles, noses, and numbers; and ALL the proof any of us need to show how fruitless their ‘efforts’ have been is found in reminding everyone how Sinead managed to be a guest on David Duke’s radio program on or about the same time Angelo John Gage was afforded the same opportunity to sell their dreams of making merchandise out of people!

      Now, any and all thinking whites will suffer from the aftermath of Charlottesville! So, you’re damn right, we will do what we must do, without announcing it to the world by preaching to the choir and charging admission to hear our thoughts! Tom Metzger came to this same realization long ago.

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    • What did Charlottesville do for the 14 words? Come on board means SEPARATE yourself from brain-dead, hypocritical wanna be celebrities promoting the notion that whites need to START a race war in any country they live in.

      The wisest, the most successful whites that achieved the most laudable free & prosperous white society, nation state to date showed INCREDIBLE restraint in the face of ignorance, violence, and provocative rhetoric.

      We know what is going on. We’ve followed the money. We’re self-educated. We do not advocate the invasion of another city, whose anti-white or leftist political standing and power is already KNOWN to be hostile to our values, lifestyle, and personal pursuits; and for any fucking millionaire to promote such stupidity needs a good dose of the violence he calls for against Antifa for being a goddamn traitor to his own purported race, for starters, at the hands of bonafide advocates of these 14 words!

      Shaun & I call out the enemy because their fruit shows they are the enemy. Go read the President & CEO of the former network’s piece on Charlottesville – the he regurgitated the stupidity that the police helicopter crash may be as fake as the Shanksville Pennsylvania filght crash on 9/11, then he also went on to say how many Jews were on the side of the Confederacy; which is only a blanket insult to all white patriots in America fighting for the 14 words in a peripheral form who KNOW the sentiments of the leaders in those Southern states upon deciding whether or not to pursue secession had NOTHING to do with Jewish interests; because the Jews are unprincipled parasites, and given that they LOST, this Viking wannabe might as well align himself with Antifa after advancing that stupidity!

      The word “secure” in the 14 words does not imply that whites should go on offense, and invade other cities, and begin slaughtering the inhabitants and taking their resources, land, or other hard assets; that’s what Jews do, and they manipulate, bribe, blackmail & hire the gullible and unprincipled who are greedy of gain to go out and do their bidding, BEFORE they stab them in the back – we call that Communism! The word secure implies a conservative and defensive approach to jealously GUARD one’s own family, property, accomplishments, and earned reputation and wages – America’s Founders CHARGED the white people of this nation with a DUTY to guard that Liberty, and WARNED that our enemies would come at us from many angles, come at us as impostors and allies, “labor to subvert” our moral underpinnings like termites, rewrite our history, rewrite our religion, steadfastly seek to enslave us to debt and all the rest; they warned us our enemies would be unscrupulous, fearless, have no conscience whatsoever in either destroying, defrauding, or KILLING and man and his family – and throughout many decades, generations now, the frog boiling in the pot scenario, here we are BECAUSE we did not guard our liberty properly, or hold them to account.

      Now, all of a sudden, we react! And Shaun and I call this a TRAP, because our white forerunners up through the Civil Rights Era fought as you say they should have, and when they sized up the enemy, or when the State became so large and so compromised against them, they rightly instructed us to withdraw, and attend once again to their FIRST priorities, which is their OWN family, not anyone else’s just because they’re of the same race, and that is work enough right now for many of us who are looking forward to our lineage after we’re gone! We may not see the next great revolutionary war in our lifetime, and I for one am not itching to start one because I am(at present) FREE to speak, teach, apply knowledge, labor, and accumulate things unto myself – and I will prepare my kids to be on guard in case non-whites are eventually deployed against them, and I will tell them I am opposed to degeneracy and race-mixing, and all sorts of other things and why; but I do not feel the call to START a war, when I know in history past bad people come and bad people go through a change brought about by a small percentage of principled and self-disciplined individuals, and after the change, common sense & civility prevails, and the opportunity for a true meritocracy sustained by law & order once again fuels the ideal white society whilst the enemy goes back and licks their wounds and draws up new pyramid schemes and deceptive plans once again to attack the good because it is but their nature to do so.

      Here’s the bottom line here, they’ll never get rid of us, and we will probably never get rid of them; but establishing nation states, borders, and punishing evil doers in an open meritocracy is what we support; and the ONLY way this can be achieved, as it was in history past, is though being smart enough not to put your emotions before logic, and not jumping on bandwagons, itching to fight with no disciple, no chain of command, and no TRUE cause. Charlottesville was not hatched by 14-worders, it was hatched by a FALSE group of sketchy ass-clowns and suspected tools of the State who WANTS us to destroy ourselves from within, known as the “Alt Right”. And as long as WTFR will offer me a platform to blast the pretenders, the FAUX 14-worders who are in this to make merchandise out of people, and pursue a financial GAIN off the emotional angst void of maturity and self-education, I will do so ~ all the while being personally prepared to defend my family to the death if any asshole from any ideology shows up in my immediate reach and threatens my life, or the life of my kids.

      Shaun and I have the battle scars from doing battle with both idiots and the State, and we are still here and able to offer counsel to you because we were smart enough not to walk into the traps set before us over and over and over again. We learned, and we pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps and attended to knowledge so we “won’t be fooled again”, and we’re still tacit supporters of the sentiments of the 14 words; but those words are not the end all be all to the degree that we’d run out there as martyrs at a time when we know no organized war has been declared – the enemy is still picking us off one-by-one, and Charlottesville was a BIG dragnet, and the fruit of it will be further empowerment of the State against it’s critics basically; but we know this present State will most likely bankrupt itself before it can genocide every last white person simply because they are white – or – Israel will declare war on the United States though other proxy nation states they control, and then we’ll know it’s on, and it is time to take our battle stations. But at present, this reckless riling up of unemployed Millennials by BOTH factions defined by very loose and often hypocritical political ideologies, the “idiot class” as Robert Reyvolt describes them, is just the latest attempt to poke the bear, and we’re not taking the bait, and we have NOT abandoned our position on the sentiments expressed in the 14 words in any way, shape, or form.

      It’s time to put those mouthpieces promoting that we assemble under collective labels and groups created and funded to draw us out so that we would either run into the arms of the enemy so we could be removed from society during this critical time of political agitation and provocation, or in a worse case scenario slit our own throats and end up dead and ultimately ineffective; it’s time we shame them OUT OF BUSINESS for doing more damage than good. The fruit of Charlottesville is just beginning, the flood gates to openly discriminate against ALL whites is going to be legislated now, and those named and ridiculed on WTFR for having suspect motives, or those begging for shekels who see this as an opportunity to financially gain because “there’s a sucker born every minute” are the one’s you best direct your suspicions at, with regards to being “loyal” to our race.

      The prescription for any people group LOSING their liberty, their land, being occupied, genocided or enslaved is all out there in the history books for anyone to see; read it, and STUDY it to know that compromise, dual-loyalties, vice, pride and ego are all the personal flaws and factors that serve as LESSONS to those who would wind up defeated – Hitler lost, an serious attempt to genocide the Germans race was accomplished by those who wanted to own, or merely lazily profit off their goodness and natural ability of them to produce and prosper; and that was done through a mere business deal like the one’s Trump is used to, a mere return on investment. The South lost in the United States the same way, those greedy of gain, not willing to respect a man and keep his hands OFF his property deceived, attacked, and ultimately sold a bunch of white people to go kill their own with the promise of a life of creature comforts and prosperity on the other side. We’re not so WEAK in the mind to fall for this shit again, because we know that even when we are outnumbered, and outgunned, we can WIN if our principle, our character, and the moral rightness of what we are doing is on our side!

      All that white countries need is a repeal of the great many hindrances that favor other races over them because they lack provable positive results; and they need to establish open meritocracies within their countries, and the white people will naturally ascend to the top, and the other races and those with moral deficiencies and those who make poor behavior choices will get in line, know their place, or sink to the bottom; this idea of whites just “taking it by force” in a bloody coup against the government-created and deliberately worked up welfare fodder, and the amoral who have been empowered to attack traditional Christian values is not a respectable avenue to recover a failing state, or establish a new one on a planet of 7 billion people. We were great when we behaved in a manner worthy of respect, and nobody fucked with us; now we’re quick to pop-off and react every time some manufactured movement or opportunist mouthpiece yells “race war NOW” just like the left does – we’re not that ignorant over here at WTFR; we don’t like what’s going on, we give innumerable examples of stupidity and government malfeasance, and oftentimes we’ve been over-the-top in our stereotypes or blanket criticisms of other groups or collectives, BUT, when it comes to putting our own human life at risk, that’s a SERIOUS matter, that causes reflection and introspection, and we take inventory of who and what we are to our families and our race – and at this present time, going out and getting myself jailed or murdered for “the 14 words” would do more harm than good to our race.

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      • I think it was aaroncalgary that pissed me off some time back here in the comments area as well. I would have to go back to verify. In any case, I’m sick of these twitter babies that come in and can’t even present a cogent argument because of the destruction of the English language, yet he preaches the 14 words, that were put together by a man that was an artist, an intellect and a prolific writer and then thinks for a moment, that he can come across somebody of your mental stature, if you will, without so much as respecting that very elevated ability to think, let alone think above Kessler the jew or Richard Spencer, whom couldn’t even see a trap in fucking front of him. Unless of course Spencer is a part of the whole plan, which would not at all surprise me.


      • After listening to the whole show last night at work, I want to thank you for all you have done for our people. I carry little to no hope for our future when so many of our own side with those who support white genocide. It’s family first from now on for me and to hell with the rest. (((Someone))) convinced my sister to be a surrogate mother for a couple in Australia and it destroyed her marriage. I sure hope the child didn’t go to queers but I haven’t spoken to her in person to find out.. Luckily for me I am grossly overpaid for my work a a welder and can help her and her 2 cherubic children.
        Pro-white sites are all being shut down and I assume wtfr is on their list.

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  3. Too right. John Percent and Epic make great points. Whites are too late in the game to buy into this dog and pony show horse shit. WN has just taken a beating ten fold because of these idiots. And faggy Richard Spencer as well as David “I’m-in-it-for-the-shekels-and-what-the-fuck-is-up-with-my-face Duke” are DELIBERATLY leading whites to danger and helping the Jews bring in the police state which they have been iching to do for decades. That is not how this will be won. Whites to quietly organize and come up with solutions as opposed to grabbing our torches and pitchforks and putting on a retarded display that accomplishes nothing which then helps the media paint us all as bloodthirsty unhinged Neo-Nazis. We don’t have time for this shit. The law of nature is survival of the fittest. Those who are led by their emotions, or the love the shekels, are going to get eaten.


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