Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-08-13

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Kessler of Unite the Right was on with Jones after being chased away at press conference
  • Many alt-right characters on the Hate Watch area of the SPLC website
  • Charlottesville being in Virginia where the alphabet agencies are
  • The trigger event for the removal of the confederate monuments was  the Charleston killings
  • Clip:  Michael Rapaport’s take on Unite the Right  (Shaun’s notes:  This bloke sounds like he hides behind his disgusting wigger accent/ebonics)
  • The 1984 cultural overwrite when it comes to the monuments – The people that turn up in these KKK outfits do not help
  • Clip:  Putting the blame on the President for Unite the Right (Nothing said about Antifa)
  • We’re under the communist manifesto – There is no First Amendment anymore
  • Caller Bill from Wisconsin:  It is all a show.  Jones says Kessler walked into a trap – Alex is a hypocrite
  • Suspicious shenanigans with James Alex Fields Jr’s mother
  • Clip:  License plates of the mothers vehicle Vs Jr’s license plates
  • Clip:  Bloom says she didn’t know the ramming had happened
  • Clip:  Ziegler speaks of Fields scoping the rally before hitting the gas
  • Interesting names all around even when it comes to the “victim”
  • Caller Paul in New Jersey:  Blame it on the city – Granting one side and then the counter to assemble is ridiculous
  • The optic presence of the rally was not helping the ‘white side’
  • Red Ice supposedly hacked as the Unite the Right Rally was taking place
  • Caller John in the South (John Percent of WTFR) speaks to whites being cornered now – Many provocations ranging from the Ferguson riots to the Charlottesville rally
  • Clip:  Trump’s statement on Charlottesville (The original statement – Trump later came out and made a longer statement)
  • Caller Frank from North Carolina disagrees with Alex Jones when it comes to falling into a trap
  • Caller Lark in Texas speaks about the Unite the Right Rally and how it’s non-linear warfare – Tie backs to the Civil War and the roles the jews played – The correlation back to Dallas – The Charlemagne Prize (Shauns notes:  Haven’t heard from Lark in a while – I always enjoy his analysis and commentary)
  • Caller Doug in Oregon speaks about a book The Reconstruction Trilogy and explains some details
  • Jeff in Idaho calls in and speaks about the bombing of Japan after Rob had read about the Korea’s
  • Caller speaks about how an economic collapse will go racial and that you will need to pick a side – Whites with whites, blacks with blacks, hispanics with hispanics etc…  (Shauns notes:  Refrigeration units on CPU’s for gaming and just cooling units have been around for a decade or more)
  • Clip:  Jones calling for the US to nuke North Korea (Shauns notes:  Mr. Potato head strikes again.  Jones is nothing but a cock head in my opinion.  I have never been able to sit through his theatrical cinematic fantasies – The fat bastard just speaks to sound like he is correct, rather than to educate – I so hope one day somebody punches his flabbery mouth when he gets in their face)
  • Ken helps Rob go over time somewhat to get a few more details out there:  Communislam is a relevant term to use (Shauns notes:  Cheers Ken!)

And much more as always!


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