Beattie Boy To Return – August 9th 2017

Hey hey Ladies and Gents.

For a while now, Beattie Boy has been away because he’s had a very nasty hernia taking a toll on him.  It was alright when he was laying down, but when he sat or stood for long lengths of time, the hernia would act up.  Well, he’s recently had the hernia removed and is recovering well.

August 9th will be a treat.  Not just because we have THE JOHN BEATTIE returning to the microphone, but also because I just KNOW that he is going to be busting at the seams.  It’s been a few months now that he has not been able to vent and I dare say that there will be a volcano erupting.  Whether it be something about Trump, something about the Monarchy or even something Candour have had to say in their magazine, I am thinking that John is going to bring the passion.

Let’s open our eyes, arms and minds for John’s return and look forward to the “oompf!” that I am sure we are going to witness.

If you’re new to John Beatties Dinosaur News, you can find his archives here.

Looking forward to Beattie to return to the ranks and looking forward to you the audience, listening in.

Stay well.


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