Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-08-06

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • A lot of people crapping on their country that kiss the ground when they get back from shit hole countries
  • Hoping to see some positive impact within the new administration
  • Clip:  Brother Nethanael speaks about congress’ new bill against everybody
  • Ernst Zundel passes away – Another heavy weight hero gone but we keep plugging away – R.I.P Ernst Zundel
  • Guy from France with last name Cohen writing a book about Mossad operations
  • If you don’t like the Mandolin rockin, you are GAY!!!
  • Clip:  Alex Jones speaks about Seth Rich being the leaker to Wikileaks
  • Fighting between the different Zionist fronts – BB and Obama didn’t like each other (Shaun’s notes:  Yeah because Obama is a nigger and BB be hatin those niggahs mofuggahs)
  • Clip:  Wasserman changes the classification to insure access to the House of Representatives computer systems
  • Everything is hush hush when it comes to the classification change which means it is more than likely an Israeli operation
  • So called Jihadi’s throwing gays off buildings – How do we know these people are gay? – Psychological warfare at it’s best
  • Read the Communist Manifesto and you would realise we are living under Communism
  • Some of us do this for free because it makes us feel tainted to get paid (Shaun’s notes:  I agree with this, hence why I don’t have a donate button and receive no funds for what I do.  Plus, at least then people can’t say I only do it for the cash…)
  • Clip:  Alex Jones & Steve Pieczenik talk about how Alex just keeps bouncing back and Steve compares him to Bill Hicks
  • Clip:  Jones has the degenerate Milo on and a caller calls in to talk about his comments toward jews
  • Every time somebody brings up jews with Jones, he treats the subject with his own psychological skipping game  (Shaun’s notes:  Jones won’t talk about jews because he knows where pay day comes from…  He knows that his funds would dry up quick if he took on the jews…)
  • Clip:  Moon landings and the Russians – Did we go to the moon at the time we were told?
  • Caller:  Ken in Fort Worth calls in and speaks about both losses – Jim Marrs and Ernst Zundel  (Shaun’s notes:  Jimmy and I had Jim Marrs on RadioX back in 2009)
  • Robert would like to slap those hosts that think that THEY speak the truth whilst EVERYONE else is a shill
  • Clip:  Mike Cernovich raking McMaster over the coals with Jones
  • Clip:  Jones says Trump couldn’t get anybody decent so he fell back on McMaster – Cernovich talks about Hannity may end up fired
  • Night of the Long Knives type scenario – Could be that Trump is using a psychological tactic to be where he is now
  • Clip:  NAACP warning black people not to go to Missouri in case the evil cops kill them
  • The suiciding of the nations – The Royal Family, Merkel etc…  All need to be hung for treason
  • Clip:  YouTube has just rolled out more rules that are very draconian
  • Clip:  The sword of censorship is double edged – Censorship will sooner or later come to you
  • Clip:  Blink 182 singer exposing pedophile rings that is leading to arrests
  • Another holistic author found dead in LA on Thursday – Over 60 holistic doctors have “died” in a small 18 months
  • Clip:  A warning about a possible preemptive hit on North Korea – The left guarding McMaster, including the ADL
  • Clip:  The significance of coming activity such as the eclipse – The relation to the bible and such…
  • Trump is on vacation because the White House is full of bugs – Obama bugged the White House
  • Clip:  Female genital mutilation (Shaun’s notes:  I spoke about this on multiple occasions and I was surprised how many people all over the world had no idea it was happening.  They knew about boys but not girls.)

And much more…


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