TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-08-03

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Could child sex dolls be ‘prescribed’ to treat pedophiles_ — RT UK
  • Brad Pitt_ ‘Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America’ _ Neon Nettle
  • Mark Latham SLAMS Muslim Activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied For The Rise of ‘Anti-White Racism’
  • Chicago man who threw the two dogs from roof gets prison _ Daily Mail Online
  • Posters Distributed In Western Sydney Call For BAN On Burqa
  • Muslim father prays with his son near Maroubra Beach _ Daily Mail Online
  • Clip: Australians Against Halal – _This Is Australia, We Are Not Islamic
  • Clip: AUSTRALIA Converting To Islam – I Converted To Islam – Aussies
  • Cory Bernardi Calls To DEPORT Halal Boss Mohamed Elmouelhy
  • Australian Governments Fund Islamic Museum – The Unshackled
  • Clip: Muslim have a multi wives(harem) in Australia
  • Rose and her gossiping bullshit continues – If you’re going to gossip, you should get your facts right at least

And more….



19 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-08-03

  1. i reckon let’s put a little guillotine inside the sex-doll & lock the pedos up with one of those dolls, let them bleed to death.


    • Islam is just another judeo-satanic religion. Just like the catholic church. Its all same religious mind fuck, with different window dressing. Now they put their asses in your face. The jews have almost all European Americans on some kind of drug with medical dependencies. But thats the karma for being complicit in the destruction of Germany. In a way there is a bit of shadenfreude, but on the other hand I dont feel like being surrounded by islamic jews. Personally I think its too late. Im just waiting for the suicide mission. There is no future in America at this point.


  2. If you’re going to be a little pussy bitch obsessed with being called out, you could at least admit that you were blase about hitting a woman without provocation, then sobered up and deleted the clip. I’m sure eventually you will fuck up again, forget to delete it before other people hear it, and people will see you for the abuser you really are. Thanks for the laughs, you pathetic cunt 🙂


    • hahahahaha! The audio you speak of is still there. I took down the Drama Corner because it wasn’t constructive, but it’s still there as people still visit it. The numbers just keep going up on it. Let me know if you want the links moron.


      • No it was for a small while, but I took it down because it wasn’t constructive Bite. Sorry. If there is specific audio you want, I still have it there on Kiwi6 and I can provide you the links.


  3. Isn’t it interesting how you edit the story. Jacko was a condescending cunt just because I questioned his beloved Hitler. And then your abusive clip proved that you’re likely a woman beater. You will be outed eventually.


    • Telling you to figure it out yourself is not condescending. After a few rounds of this I was condescending and told you to use your magic yes/no powers (that I’d previously proven were within standard probability for guessing) to again, figure it out yourself. Healthy minds don’t throw tantrums about being told to figure it out themselves. So the discernment remains you are not stable. You are so inferior that everything I do seems condescending. It’s just that large a gap between us. It’s sad, really, because I thought you were gaining in wisdom enough that you might marry and have children. For a few milliseconds I felt genuinely sorry for you. Won’t happen again.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You clearly stated “Would I hit a woman just because? Yes I would”, and since you are a drunk you will slip up again. I knew I would bring out the abuser in you, you’re now making physical threats against me. I have a gun so go ahead, find me and try. You accuse me of mental illness, but you are threatening violence against someone you don’t even know. You’re hilarious and pathetic. You are just like Sinead, calling people arabs or jews just because you get called on shit. I feel sorry for your kids. Grow the fuck up. It’s ironic and satisfying that you proved my point. I never threatened violence against you, but there you are threatening me. I don’t need to be subjected to your drunken anger issues as I did nothing wrong, so you’re blocked.


    • I absolutely would hit a woman that deserves it, but not without provocation. Please start making sense or I will ban your dumb arse.

      I loved how you ran back to Degenerade Broadcasting after Jacko took your pathetic arse to task. And then even THEY disowned you and told you to fuck off.

      You’re unstable. You’re plutonium. Get a grip you bi-polar half cast arab bitch.


  5. What’s the end of this “liberation”?
    When it started in the 1950’s or so with women wearing lipstick and show some leg, it was considered highly provocative. In the 1970’s, the miniskirt went a step further. Still fine, it looks nice and, at least White men, can still control themselves looking at that without having to rape instantly.
    Now, these voluntarily unpaid prostitutes wear less and less and it’s normal.
    Add the homo-crap etc.
    Nothing is holy anymore, only child-fucking is left. It’s the last barrier before full “liberation”. Only backward people resist progress, goys.


    • I don’t disagree that what women wear these days is inappropriate. The moment you mention that though, is the moment that you are called a sexist or a women hater. I’d even be happy for the women to go back to the full body swim suits, but this doesn’t mean that I get a fucking hard on every time I see one in a bikini. Number 1, I grew up around it and number 2, I’m not some mud fucking savage that thinks with his cock. Plain and simply.


  6. Why did Australia fight in ww2? Besides being forced to supply Britain, the imminent threat to Australia was an Asiatic invasion.
    For some reason, London Propaganda portrayed Germans as “Huns”. I think, this derogatory term could be revitalized and applied to the people who are actually Huns, the Chinese.

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  7. Many American women are violent with their mouths. They can say and do things and get away with it. As where if a man says stupid shit, he will get cracked. Women are just as abusive as men, maybe a bit more so, because again, they are given license. I dont crack women, they just get an earful and shown the door. But I predict someday soon in America, men wont be beating their abusive girl friends, they will just be shot and done with. And probably vice versa.


    • Sinead is one of the worst examples. Verbally abusive. If she was a man, she would be cracked. She acts like a man with several personalities to choose from. She has probably done more to ruin the cause for European women. She is an unfeminine laut. She is repulsive. That and her flat earth bullshit pretty much killed renegade. Fuck her.


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