Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-07-30

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • ** POWER OUTAGE ** – We had a power outage here for the start of Roberts Show but I will download the start off Whooli’s Blog when Available
  • Frank calls in and speaks about Alex Jones and some confusion that may have taken place
  • Alex Jones hates frogs and he cuts Frank off – (Shauns notes:  Alex has a habit of this when things don’t go his way)
  • ** RBN suffers an audio outage before some music is played **
  • AIPAC seeks to imprison Americans – Rob is still getting problems with audio – Seems like a flood attack
  • Young boy that came across as vaccine damaged – Sometimes you can just see things ain’t right
  • Ken in Fort Worth calls in and discusses – Transgender within the military – Rob speaks to free boob jobs and such
  • Victor Thorn suicide and more and more people are doing this now when it comes to this fight
  • Schultz may fly to Israel and get some well needed plastic surgery (Shauns notes:  Hahahahaha.  I don’t think there is enough plastic to fix that face)
  • Americans are owned by federal reserve bankers – Living by the illusion that they own anything including real estate
  • Clip:  Mystery invester Betting on the stock market to fail – September 29, market crash – People buying into dates coming that could indicate “the end” in some way
  • Rob in Illinois speaks about how the creatures at the top are pulling out all stops – They are going full throttle
  • This is not about Trump being rough and tough, this is about how we have been softened up, which makes Trump look worse than he is (Shauns notes:  Great point Rob!  I remember the days where boys could be boys but now it’s a crime to allow our boys to be boys.  They only get rewarded for acting like girls.)
  • Andy in Texas calls in to speak on pledging a thousand dollars to Stadtmiller of RBN
  • Rob won’t be taking a chip into his body due to the bible (Shauns notes:  I won’t be taking a chip into my body either, but it has nothing to do with the bible – It has to do with logic and commonsense – No matter what, we all have our reasons.)
  • North Korea:  This whole “US is in striking range” garbage is pissing Rob off – People have been talking about this for a long time
  • Pat in Texas says she went without an ID for many many years and she was fine to pay money – Western Union – Billions of dollars a year that get transferred to Mexico and such
  • Clip:  Jesuit trained John Brenan – The killing of JFK and Lincoln relate
  • Dogs are NOT unclean – Somalis and people from 1400 years ago are disgusting and dirty, not dogs
  • Clip:  Coup against the president – Spending some time in congress with senior ranking members

And much more…



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