Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2017-07-30

On this edition of Black Listed News, Doug speaks about:

  • Political sideshow between Trump the White House and the Media has become monotonous
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Rigging the election for Hilary Clinton and the theft of info – Awan brothers raided
  • Jeff Sessions is a crazy old man that wants to expand war and make profit off it
  • Trump talks to his base that voted for him more so than to everybody in U.S.
  • Russian lawyer meets up with Seth Rich before his death – This makes things much more interesting
  • Critic uncovers pedocentric youtube channel – A million people subscribed to it
  • A lot of conservatives that are commenting on what happened with Wasserman
  • Halliburton ripped off the government – War costs lead back to fraud
  • Somebody writes to Doug looking for solutions instead of problems – Solutions can be at a personal level
  • Wells Fargo spiral into fraudulent debt after ripping people ragged with unneeded auto insurance
  • Drivers licenses could be coming to your smart-phones – Yet another creepy technology comes knocking
  • Smart-phone zombies have become a huge problem – Watch out for that train STUPID!!!  **HONK**
  • Amazon has a new patent that will allow Amazon drones to scan your house – Hide your underwear
  • China forcing Muslim minority to install anti-terrorist apps in case a jihad is headed your way
  • Tap water containing multiple cancer causing ingredients – Solution:  Filter your water
  • Lowering nicotine levels in cigarettes so that they are less addictive – People will just smoke more



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