Health In Your Backyard

Hi Ladies and Gents.

A little while ago on a broadcast, I was speaking about how the landlord of my previous house, was just as aware of “beneficial backyard weeds” as what I am.  Her and I started talking about how, so many of the weeds in our backyards are just thrown away when in fact, these so called “weeds” are actually very good for the human body and mind.  Some of which can even get you high, such as some of the cacti breeds.

Ches Cain, a gentleman that has been a friend of mine over some years now, shows us in this article just how many times we might have picked some “weeds” and thrown them over our shoulder.

The majority of you probably regard purslane as a useless weed, but this article will reveal some interesting facts about it.

Its leaves provide fantastic health benefits, so next time you want to pull it and throw it away, you should have that in mind. Purslane is high in vitamins and minerals which boost the overall health, and the high amounts of iron and calcium support bone health.

The powers that be, including Big Pharmajewdical would have you ignorant to everything our ancestors once knew.  Many of our passed loved ones knew about these helpful “weeds” until Monsanto, Merck, your local pharmacy and our oh so jewish doctors got involved.  Not to mention our governments, that to this day try convincing us that hemp is a drug that will screw you over, even though it is nothing of the sought.  Whilst it is a cannabinoid it has nothing to do with the ability to get high.  Our very own bodies already contain cannabinoids that work with external cannabinoids such as hemp.

 We need to start getting more in touch with our understanding of weeds that are beneficial to our well being.  “Weeds” that you can add to your next salad!  And this is why these bastards don’t want us to know about these ‘good weeds’ because they can’t make any money off it.  It’s the same reason that John D. Rockefeller slowly changed the idea of Homeopathy to that of Allepathy.  Allepathic medicines and such.  No cash can be made off Homeopathy or Weeds in the back yard.  But they can damn sure as shit make money off some psychotropic drugs or hacking off your leg.

One thought on “Health In Your Backyard

  1. Spot on with this post Shaun!!! I retired out of the military over nine years ago and had a pacemaker put in. I do wonderfully with it. Few lifestyle changes, only my doctor wanted me to take some pills for it. I gave them up as after doing my research. The drugs side effects are worse than what ever reason he wanted me to take them for. Yes, the pharmaJEWtical companies, like everything else kike controlled are only in it for the shekels.


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