WTFR Has A Major Overhaul

That’s right Ladies and Gents, Shaun does not sleep near enough and when he gets one of those apostrophes above his head, he leaps out of bed like Superman and gets things done.

For months now, I have been looking into how to control fades and such in automations in close to dynamic behaviours.  I have done exactly that this evening.  Well, I just finished now and it’s 1:38 AM here in Australia.  I’ve been working for hours.

As the hosts know, I have scripted the studio to mute 15 seconds after a bump (a tune that leads us into a break) starts to play.  This gives them ample time to say “Hey, we are going to a break, but we’ll be back after Gadsden has finished picking his nose….”  (It’s a GREEN thing)

After the studio has muted I always wanted to be around full time to be able to raise the level of the music on the mixer, but this is just sometimes not possible, so I was looking for a way to automate it and I have done just that.  Now we just have to look around for teething problems on Gadsdens show tomorrow and hope that we don’t get any.

How did I do it?  HA!  Nice try.  Trade secrets my friends, trade secrets.

So the outcome, is that I can walk away from this studio for a month and as long as the power doesn’t go out, it won’t only run itself, but it will DJ itself for volume levels, it will encode MP3 tags for each host, it will also compress the shows down to 64kbps after recording as a wav, so as to keep files small, but good quality.  Our recordings are recorded as wav format and then automatically compressed at the end of a show, maintaining as much quality as a 64kbps MP3 can muster.

Yes, I know, I am a studio God.  You can tell Gadsden from me, that Odin is NOT The Man!  Shaun is!

We just keep getting better and better my good audience, so stick around and enjoy our improvements.  Not to mention our informative broadcasts.

Cheers mates.


5 thoughts on “WTFR Has A Major Overhaul

    • Yeah they tried to water Beattie down as per usual. Every time they do that, it shows me how much they fear John Beattie.

      Fuck the communists and may they drown in their own 3rd world loving shit.


    • The reason being, because you get a cleaner encode if you go to wave first and then mp3 later with the specific software I use. The software I use to record can encode as mp3, but it’s sloppy and you hear some terrible inconsistencies. At least I do. Other people don’t notice it that often, but I do and I dare say that other audio engineers could as well. It personally drives me nuts, so what I do is record wav and then encode. Not to mention, when I encode the wav, I can insert the tags at the same time and all of this is automated. I don’t have to be here, as long as I have scripted the encoding.


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