Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-07-23

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Are the powers that be hitting us with psychotronics to make us feel useless and defeated?
  • Chester Bennington article – Another celeb suicide by hanging  (Shauns notes:  I asked Rob before the show if Bennington could possibly be a recent Clinton murder)
  • Robs audio clip was playing funny buggers, so he continues with what is taking place in the news
  • Aussie woman shot in Minneapolis among other things softening people up for what might be to come – The anger becomes the norm which then changes the way we look at somewhere like Palestine
  • People believe that the Military Industrial Complex may want to skirmish with Russia
  • Jeff from Idaho calls in
  • Dave in Nevada calls in to talk about:  Alex Jones interview about pedophile cases in the Vatican
  • Clip:  Apocalyptic Vision for the world – Building reactors on fault lines
  • Clip:  Particle acceleration replacement – Look into CERN’s collider
  • Two competing documents both saying the same things when it comes to mixing races
  • AI and how it plays a part in our world
  • Predictive programming and the Terminator Ideal
  • Clip:  Contradictions when it comes to needing the psychopathic dictators to run our complexes – Among other things
  • Overlapping of criminality between all major parties
  • OJ killed a jew – Alex Jones didn’t want to talk about it – Dennis Hastert – Hastert wants his money back!  He didn’t get what he paid for
  • Clip:  Gavin accused of antisemitism after writing what he hates about jews and doing a video  (Shauns notes:  Gavin is a degenerate pig, no matter what he wrote about kikes)
  • Seismic activity in Yellowstone and solar flares coming off the Sun
  • Clip:  Alan Watner is completely out of control – It’s time to drain the swamp
  • Clip:  North Korea – The US is planning a ban July 27th – Urging all nationals that are in NK to leave
  • Clip:  Update to an eclipse that is approaching – August 21st – Full solar eclipse
  • Rob explains the common numbers and the links – How do they know so many people will turn up to watch this eclipse?
  • Build up of tension between China and India and why
  • Clip:  Flat Earth (Shauns thoughts:  Ohhhhhh the fun…)
  • Clip:  Brother Nethanial talks about Trump and his agenda

And more!


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