TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-20

On this 3 hour edition of TCTA, Shauns speaks about:

  • Poverty or Genetics causing violence
  • “Teen” mob violence terrorizing Kansas City – Narrative Collapse
  • Pork banned in Austrian Kindergartens
  • Sought After – Post says that it has helped men learn to be females
  • Clip:  2017-07-20 09-51-51 John Shaun
  • Clip:  Amusement Park Niggers
  • Clip:  Philippines – Plastic Bottles go Solar
  • Clip:  Car Jacking Niggers
  • Clip:  Black Pigeon Speaks – A shill for the jews

And more…


Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Friday, 21 July 2017

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3 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-20

  1. great show! it’s fucking maddening, protesters on wellfare asking to be bailed out by other dreadlocked wellfare recipients….yeah, thanks guys, so in the end it’s again down to the working tax people to bail you out of your bolshevik dramas…WTF!


  2. I have a computer science degree…doesn’t mean much these days and I’m not a fuckwit and am just saying, but I worked in Canberra for 3 years. Totally pissed off my White spirit, having to work under femo Asian female team leaders. She and her tribe made it clear I was not welcome in my own country working in my own government.

    And I am not stupid by any means, all the people who did the real work (setting up the frameworks in which to program in) were White guys with the exception of 2 or so Asian men.

    Regardless, I got so pissed off I left, there were only about 5% White left at that time.

    I don’t think it is all a Jew problem at this stage, it’s possible that our “leaders” are compromised by underage Asian sex slaves as much as anything.

    I do believe that Jews work as a collective to destroy Europeans, I’ve known a few Jews and they all seem to have this default universalistic mindset, whereby they think that they are a people but other peoples are not. They all (the ones I have known) believe that only Jews exist as a people and all non-Jews are just “the other”. The reason Jews want mass immigration is not because of their super altruistic genes but their genes that require eradication of any superior lifeform in order to survive.

    Yes the Jews put this multiculturalism into motion in order to kill us but now the Asians and Indians don’t need them anymore, they are here, and don’t need the Jews to keep them here!

    This is a totally fucked situation, and it blows the fuck out of my mind at all levels.

    I cannot believe it is happening, this mass invasion of my country and all my family’s ties in Europe.

    The only way to stop this in my estimation is to force immigrate niggers and chinks into the richest White areas in Australia and Europe!

    In fucking fact, we should round up a shit load of the Apes and Chink and Kike and Turbanites and force integrate them into these rich White areas including all politicians homes (actually, only the politicians, but also including fuckwit White traitors who hire them due to x bullshit reason)

    Will this make them realise how fucking retarded their Jew inspiritarded suicidal stance is?

    Or will they just end up fornicating with their hell beasts?

    God only knows how fucked this situation can get, I assume there is a balance in the universe but I’m not seeing it now.

    There is unfortunately only one remedy left now, it’s engineered by these fucking asshole destroyers of freedom, folk and peace. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”

    Take care Shaun Surplus.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is a great fucking post and I hope more people add to your thoughts. I especially love the part where you say that we should round all the creatures up into rich neighbourhoods. I like that a lot.

      You take care too, Sir.

      Liked by 1 person

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