The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-07-18

On this edition of GPP, Gadsden speaks about:

  • The boomer mentality and the acceptance of homosexuality and degeneracy within
  • Doug Owen soon to be a simulcast here on WTFR
  • Sinead of Degenerade Broadcasting blocks Gadsden after he volunteers to help on her show
  • We need to separate ourselves from black music and culture  (Shauns notes:  I am not against listening to blacks sing as long as it ain’t rap crap or hip hop etc…  If a black is in his own country and sends music to white countries to l, I have no problem with that.)
  • “Gay means happyyyyyyyy” – Disgusting homo skank sings for the children
  • Black races don’t want to get rid of whites because they live off whiteys welfare – Yet they treat whites like shit
  • Nature is a man and a woman, not butt sex and scissoring
  • Sodomy is MUCH worse than Islam
  • What happened to our white values given to us by the Gods?
  • It’s so sad that we have to be a certain level of numb to explain what we explain on-air
  • Give me my boomer Big Mac and my Smoke Break – Boomers suck ass
  • Transgender freak men asking to be called a woman otherwise there are consequences
  • WTFR has something for everybody, hence Where Thought is Free Radio
  • Ice is splitting in the Antarctic so climate change is real (Shauns notes:  Nope!  Besides Antarctica being volcanically active which makes ice split naturally, “man made emissions” don’t even reach Antarctica, due to negative feedbacks.  The plankton in the ocean that gobbles up carbon, let alone the other thousands of negative feedbacks deals with it.  Even Al Gore knows that these days after having some of his own acolytes take him to task…  We don’t hear that part on the mainstream media though…)
  • Education is screwed up beyond all recognition – Common Core is nothing but a perversion of education in itself
  • Maybe people would feel a little pain and stand up and fight, had Killary Clinton got into power
  • Medical prices sky rocketing – Losing our jobs – Losing our basic heritage – THANKS JEWS!
  • I’m not always 100% correct but I say it as I see it and I say whats on my mind

And more!


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

——– ——

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8 thoughts on “The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-07-18

  1. Global Warming is also so boomer.
    GW in a nutshell:
    Whites, have less children because of the carbon footprint, goy. And outsource all your industries to China and Mexico. Yellow and Brown people don’t cause climate change if they have the chimneys smoking. Only your chimneys are bad, never mind White countries are the only ones that put environmental policies in place.

    Meanwhile, White countries have too few children, you have to import all Africans to your countries or there will be a demographic collapse. Who’s gonna pay the pensions, goy? You don’t have any children because of the carbon footprint.

    See, it’s total BS and circular reasoning. And the moderate alternative media have totally exposed the GW claims as a hoax on the scientific level.


    • Yeah too right mate. The contradictions and hipocracies we see going on in the mainstream media with their fat cats an bureaucrats that bear false certificates, when it comes to “climate change” is just unreal.


      • Climate Change is just another emotional exploitation of Whites, for our innate stewardship of the environment makes us perceptible for such manipulation. There’s real environmental pollution that need real solutions. White people curb sulfur car exhaust, lead in the water and pipes etc etc. Things, non-Whites don’t care about. Their countries are literally a pile of trash that nobody feels the need to clean up.

        Carbon, the very molecular basis of life itself, isn’t one of it.


      • This plays in with feminism also.
        We bought the GW dogma and collectively decided to downsize our populations until we’ll find cleaner energies etc. and our women, instead of having lots of children, were given the opportunity to something else instead.

        This measurement isn’t even that bad, even with GW being a hoax. What I mean by that is, we want to prevent population explosions and overcrowded cities. Crowded countries like the Netherlands for example with 30 million people on a small landmass could shrink a bit and it would be beneficial.

        But instead of producing a negative growth to decrease the population, they import the surplus populations of the third world. These people don’t respond to complex ideas such as sustainable environments etc. You feed them and they have 20 children.

        We could easily be less Whites in the world and it wouldn’t matter, as long as we maintain pure homelands that at any given time could collectively decide to increase children per mother again.

        If Australia’s population would shrink to 10 million people, who cares if 9.5 million of them are Whites (500k Abos in reservations) in a closed system and a strong military protecting the shores from 3rd world invaders.


  2. nowadays if you don’t have a talent, don’t want to work, don’t have guts to use your intelligence, all you have to do is call yourself over&over
    ‘Victim of Something’ and you will get: sympathy, government payouts and maybe even a sjw girl/boyfriend, because to make the crazy circle complete, sjw are in dire need of ‘victims’, so that they too can feel ‘productive’….WTF!


    • I tend to call it cyclic change, because it’s a cycle the world has been going through since it’s existed from what we can tell. Dr. David Evans a rocket scientist over here explains it well.


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