Doug Owen Joins WTFR As a Simulcast Show

Hey Ladies and Gents.

As many of you know, my live radio adventures all started with Oracle Broadcasting.  Whilst I was actually doing a podcast back in the day, a Gentleman by the nickname of Super Dave heard one of my shows and contacted me about joining him on Oracle.  Super Dave was a part of Revere Radio at the time, but had just joined Oracle when it first came about.

Doug Owen, a man from Texas founded Oracle along side a few others, such as Lee Rogers of the Daily Slave, or what Lee now calls Info Stormer.  Oracle started in late 2008 and lasted until 2012, before it was forced to close down, for many reasons.  Reasons that have become rumour among many alternative networks, to this day.

There were many different shows on Oracle from the very beginning.

  • Live Free or Die w/ Lee Rogers
  • Become Vocal Local w/ Will Roberts
  • Axiom Radio w/ Rob Chowdah & Joel Bisset
  • RadioX w/ Jimmy X
  • The Global Reality w/ Josh Reeves
  • Cordite Country w/ Cordy Howle
  • Of course, TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus (That’s me)

Among others.  Later the original hosts started taking their leave for their own reasons and not always because of what you hear via rumour.  Some people just needed to return to their normal lives.  There was also some infighting going on, that didn’t make the job easy for management, such as Doug, Lee and Mike Chambers.

Many of us dispersed for some time before finding a place on other networks.  For instance, I ended up with Orion Talk Radio for some time before going independent, then joining Renegade Broadcasting to design it’s infrastructure, whilst Doug Owen ended up moving on over to John Stadtmiller’s RBN.  Some of the other hosts never went back to doing radio.

Sometimes it feels like we come full circle.  Recently I was talking with Doug and I was not aware that he was doing a show right before Robert Reyvolt’s Incendiary Radio, that we simulcast here on WTFR.  So from now on, we will be simulcasting Doug’s, Black Listed News, on WTFR and 107.9 FM in the Alpines of Australia, just as we do Rob’s show.

It should be interesting to tune into Doug’s show after all these years and see what he has to say.  I’m sure you will be interested as well.

I was going to be doing The Candour Hour on the American Sunday, but since we will be simulcasting Doug on that day, right before Robert’s Incendiary Radio, I will do the new show on America’s Monday, at 8 PM EST, which is Australia’s Tuesday at 10 AM.

Plenty of informative information coming your way on WTFR Ladies and Gents.  But remember!!!  You may not agree with everything we all have to say.  This goes for what I say, what Gadsden or Jacko say, what John Beattie says and even Doug Owen.  So “accent the positive” as best you can.  Take from each show what you will.  And if you don’t like any one particular show, simply turn it off.  It’s not rocket science.

I’m looking forward to having a listen to Doug’s broadcast and I hope you are too.

Stay well.




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