Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-07-09

On this edition of Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt subjects include:

  • Clooney and the destruction of the African migrants
  • Looking at the destruction of the different States and countries
  • The Putin bandwagon and where Rob stands on the subject
  • Putin as a sleeper agent on the Eastern front
  • Russia the last Atlantic Empire (Article)
  • Clip:  Steve Quail speaks with Jones about North Korea
  • Antifa, G20 Hamburg thing going on
  • The Ken O’Keefe situation with Max Igan and donations
  • Clip:  Daily Sheeple might go full boycott on Faceberg
  • Clip:  A colony on Mars populated by children that were kidnapped (Shauns notes:  Sounds like shit to me in every way shape and form)
  • Clip:  Jones tries to go into damage control after Steele speaks on Mars  (Shauns notes:  When Charlie Sheen was with Alex on his show, he agreed with everything Sheen said, but then after he was attacked by the mainstream media, he acted like what Sheen had said was unstable.  This is what he is doing here with Steele -hahahahahahahaha.  I don’t laugh at Jones, I laugh at those that still take this potato head fucking seriously)
  • Caller speaks about people smartening up and how the people at the top of the pyramid are hating it
  • Gay cocaine sex orgy stuff when it comes to the papacy
  • Caller:  Rob refers the caller to Lark in Texas on different subjects when it comes to socialism and capitalism
  • Clip:  The hijab march (Shauns notes:  WTF?  Hahahahah)
  • Caller leads Rob into talking about who Gods people are
  • Bill in Wisconsin agrees with Rob when it comes to the situation in Syria – Throwing Assad under the bus  (Shauns notes:  They will do a similar thing to Assad as they did to Gadaffi)
  • Caller Fred in Michigan speaks to Rob about having studied religion, in particular Catholicism and how people have blind faith – The name Jesus and the translations – The Geneva and the King James – “The Vatican wants a global everything” says Fred but then gets out of hand and starts screaming at Rob about things Rob has been speaking about for years now  (Shauns notes:  I think Fred may have been leading to the idea that it’s not the jews it’s the jesuits etc…  I could be wrong, but thats my thoughts…)
  • The left have cause so much confusion that now people are actually starting self segregation (Shauns notes:  As much as I despise the left, in this case, they are doing us a favour and I tilt my hat to them.  Suck shit Marxist left, you fucked yourself!)

And more….




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