TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-06

Extra Random Hour bonus…

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Hugh Jackman on Aboriginal Communities
  • Drunk Aboriginals Attack Film Crew
  • WiFi Radiation – Dangers of WiFi – See It Measured – How To Re-mediate WiFi Radiation
  • Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower
  • Why die for Wi-Fi_ My child did… _ Stop Smart Meters Australia
  • Abbos attacking our White communities

And more…



Thursday, 6 July 2017

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Friday, 7 July 2017

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11 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-06

  1. Christianity deservs crititc for jewish orgin
    Noting agianst pro white christianity
    Stop infight
    Untide white aryan man and women


    • in my opinion, if you disagree with someone about something, you should target the something instead of the someone. like when i criticize christianity or atheism, i dont intend to attack prowhite christians and prowhite atheists, i instead try to explain why i dont follow those beleifs. but yeah absolutely agree


    • That’s real great – We criticise the very people we are trying to get along with, but then, stop infighting. I ain’t here to fight Christianity, I am here to fight judaism.

      As for Christianity being an origin of judaism, I have not seen any solid proof. Everyone is just fucking guessing.

      The plain and simple fact is, ALLLLLLLL of my Christian friends are of good moral value, so the last thing I want to be doing, is dissing their religion, just so we all end up hating each other. And the plain and simple fact is, that jews are of low shitty moral value, so THAT is who I am going to fight.

      For those of you that want to diss my Christian friends, FUCK OFF!

      I ain’t pulling punches anymore.


      • the bible , the holy book of the christians, is FULL of bs. period. That has contributed to a belief system that has to say the LEAST poisoned our aryan well. period. Had the christians down the ages kept their worship of Jesus&God a private, indoors affair, we would have a different picture alltogether, but that’s not where we are hey! Any belief system that flows over into the daily fabric and economy of our lives SHOULD be questioned and scrutinzed thoroughly.period.


      • I don’t disagree with everything you have to say here, but on the same token, I don’t see Christianity fucking us over. The King James Yahweh bible, sure, but Christians such as Reyvolt and Lancia, John Beattie, are good moral Christians that are only in this to help us, not hinder us. Like it or lump it, because these good men are here to stay and they are on our side. Judaism and it’s jews however, are not.


      • The question is who are the ‘real’ Christians (if there’s such a thing, idk); some definitively are pro-all races, some are not, some are pro-Jews, some are not. So it’s not too factual to generalize what a ‘Christian’ is.
        As a side note, would you take or not e.g. Charles Guliani as a guest since he might ‘offend’ some of your ‘Christian’ friends?


      • I would take Giuliani as a host let alone a guest. He was the one I got a long with the most when I created Renegade.

        I don’t think people understand, that the Christians I am friends with are those that are just like Reyvolt. He was recently on the show and he explained that he is one that grew up with the more traditional idea of Christianity, where you could leave your car doors open, you didn’t need to lock your house because his neighbourhood had that basic concept of family Christianity. Thou shalt not steal. The ten commandments type deal, rather than the whole Yaweh will murder you within the King James.

        Giuliani has stated himself that he has good Christian friends, it’s just that the people he is explaining, fall for the bullshit in the King James. They swear by it, which is he swears at it.

        I too have a serious dislike for the King James bible. Even the Geneva bible, because of it’s utter shit and what it has done to people over the thousands of years. But when it comes to people being Christians that just live by that whole, “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”, I am not against that.


      • I’m pretty much done with the bible as all it dose is slow down those who need to be awakened the most. The # in our neighborhoods. William Pierces talks do more to align us whites to explore our futures, technology, utopia – and show it can all happen once we identify the jew as the problem.


      • Yeah Shaun – the link for the funny Abbo video w/ the indian woman.. That was hilarious. I’m sure I can find it though. Stellar show bud!


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