Shaun Fills In On The Green Pilled Perspective 2017-07-04

On this edition of GPP, Shaun fills in for Gads and speaks about:

  • Wiggery of the worst kind and how it is taught by our systems
  • Shaun’s twittery ignorance makes him fall over himself
  • Aussie emailer cops a hiding for her stupidity
  •  The Cabin in the Woods will soon be available for viewing
  • Living off the land and where to kick-start it all off
  • 4th of July audio clip – Is there really anything to celebrate?

And more…


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

——– ——

22:14:00 bump Gadsden\Garmarna Herr Mannelig Sir Mannelig.wav

22:15:40 bump Gadsden\John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads.wav

22:29:00 bump Gadsden\Assjack and Hank III Tennessee Driver.wav

22:30:40 bump Gadsden\Johnny Rebel – It’s The Attitude, Stupid!.wav

22:44:00 bump Gadsden\Tiger Army – Outlaw Heart.wav

22:45:40 bump Gadsden\Move it on Over – Hank Williams.wav

22:57:20 bump Gadsden\Hank Williams III – Deep Scars w- LYRICS.wav

22:59:00 bump Gadsden\George Thorogood & The Destroyers – GEAR JAMMER.wav

23:00:12 bump Gadsden\Krummi Svaf i Klettagja Icelandic.wav

23:14:00 bump Gadsden\Garmarna Herr Mannelig Sir Mannelig.wav

23:15:40 bump Gadsden\Bartender Rehab With Lyrics.wav

23:29:00 bump Gadsden\Rebel Son – Burry Me In Southern Ground.wav

23:30:40 bump Gadsden\Wardruna Naudir.wav

23:44:00 bump Gadsden\Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Lyrics HD.wav

23:45:40 bump Gadsden\Wardruna – Helvegen Lyrics.wav

23:57:20 bump Gadsden\Hank Williams III Runnin’ & Gunnin’.wav

23:59:00 bump Gadsden\Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard – Pancho & Lefty.wav

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