Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-07-02

On this episode of Incendiary Radio, Robert speaks about:

  • July 4th coming around gets Rob to thinking – The founding of America
  • An established pecking order – But we need to look at our biases sometimes
  • Rob thinks about quitting all this but is happy this week that Ken (his audio man) is back this week (Shauns notes:  I hope Rob doesn’t quit.  His unassuming and mature nature is very rare in the alternative media these days – He doesn’t work on ego, he works on commonsense – Sometimes I question some of things I have said on-air because of Rob)
  • Leaving the borders open will allow certain States to turn 3rd world in incremental steps
  • An Oregon FBI agent is under scrutiny after opening fire on Finicum – Whose shot hit Finicum?
  • A large percentage of our people are stupid – Intelligence is intact but they lack knowledge due to intellectual laziness even though there is a shift happening
  • Not being able to talk with people at parties and such (Shauns notes:  I know that feeling so well. Where I can’t talk to people. I am a recluse these days, because there is nobody I can talk with. About the only one I can talk with is an elderly Czech Gent down the road. When he is out front, he calls me in and we sit on his veranda and we talk up a storm and drink beer. It’s great. But I just can’t go anywhere these days to parties and such, even barbecues because they are lemon heads that have NO CLUE on what is happening.)
  • Hillary’s and Obamas playing the Palestinian side whilst the rest are playing the Christian Zionist etc…
  • Mr. Producer plays the rest of a clip (Shauns notes:  I have missed a couple of clips here because I am working at the same time today.  I have Rob going on in my pocket on my small radio and going back and forth)
  • Clip:  We are under an attack – Censorship is coming
  • Clip:  Patterns and numbers on your screen can kill you
  • Clip:  Australias Senior Catholic – Cardinal Pell, as suspect if child abuse (Shauns notes:  Go figure – I grew up around nuns and priests and the priest always loved placing his hand on our knees and rubbing them)
  • Catholicism should have some kind of ‘watcher’ service to keep an eye on whats happening
  • Clip:  The tweets from statements out of the White House – The machinations of the middle east
  • Getting rid of Assad for some Muslim genital cutting freak is a dangerous idea
  • Clip:  NASA on the verge of announcing alien life (Shauns Notes:  NASA has been owned by the Military Industrial Complex for 10 years at least now and the take over was based entirely on the Space Wars program in my opinion)
  • Youtubers speak of detailed Mars pictures – Signs of civilisations and towns
  • Clip:  The links between movies and reality – Transformers (more than meets the eye)
  • Clip:  Mind reading for government and science
  • Clip:  Japanese and the trans-humanists – People marrying VR girls (Shauns notes: What the fuck?  WAIFU anyone?)
  • Clip:  Pedophilia is being sold to people as phallic symbols and toys – (Shauns show about Pedophilia is a good one to listen too, to understand how evil this all gets)
  • Clip:  Pedophilia goes so much further than having sex with children  (Shauns notes:  I don’t buy into the Mars colony bullshit, but the whole squeezing of adrenaline out of kids whilst they are being molested for ritual perversion I do indeed believe could be taking place)
  • Clip:  Frank calls into Alex’ show and it was interesting to hear Alex’ response, after being called out – Alex’ guest speaks about how it’s “not the jews” and that it’s “not Israel”….  (Shauns notes:  Fucking BULLSHIT!  And if you ask me, Alex just answered to Frank in a way where he didn’t want to be looked down upon by his jew loving guest)

And much more…


4 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-07-02

  1. Frank’s a complete Trumptard. I wouldn’t be surprised if him & Alex Jones are just playing a reality-TV game & actually best buddies behind the scenes. Normally dissenters are screened & rejected on the Alex Jones Show – how come Frank gets on there all the time? Either that or Frank’s just a useful idiot. The latter seems more likely – I doubt he’s being paid for the entertainment he provides.


      • Ha! That’s funny because Duke is actually “plastic man”! 🙂 The guy’s definitely had plastic surgery & probably either wears a wig or has had hair transplants. Says some of what you want to hear but definitely not a guy to be trusted! He’s also a complete Trumptard!


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