Gadsden Clears the Air About His Thoughts On Religion

As the title says Ladies and Gents, Gads clears the air, predominantly for those he considers his Christian friends, such as John Percent.  He touches on many thoughts, so that people understand where he is coming from.

I think that Gads did a good job here explaining a few things that will help us understand where he is coming from at times.  It also shows that he is man enough to face up to certain things he has said in the spare of the moment.

Take a listen for yourself.



2 thoughts on “Gadsden Clears the Air About His Thoughts On Religion

  1. interesting. had the same thoughts about the churches being the centre-piece of a community, ofcourse we had community halls before christianity even existed. and it must have taken hundreds of years before our pagan identity was deluded to the point where the christians eventually put a cross on central community house. So to take them back for the community and exclude them for the religious sects.
    whether someone calls it ‘science’ – ‘religion’ – ‘love’ – ‘god’ -‘the great nothing’ –
    spirituality is ‘being in awe’. it’s a private inner experience, not something to be organized,
    and hide and feel safe in numbers and conquer the ‘non-believers’. That kind of desert mentality bred the disastrous fictional idea of ‘the chosen ones’, so, for us to get out of this corrupt religious mess, there is no argument anymore for any religious belief system to be used outside your own house. And yes, keep the central community houses, a place to be just quiet, with a good pub across the road.


    • yeah i can sorta see where you are coming from in thats why i have positive and negative things to say about christianity, in positive, the churches in america and the rest of the white world have been community builders and kept people away from degenerate behavior but on the negative have been used by its corruptors to brainwash people into certain ideas like multiculturalism and serving israel, ideas which even our devoutly christian ancestors even a couple hundred years ago would’ve fought against as many christian nations have expelled, tortured and even executed jews for their crimes. although we do have many christian listeners, im sure they can agree with us that in recent years, the churches have gotten corrupt and follow whats politically correct rather than what is right for the people. I think we do need religions however christian, pagan, etc.. or even just a nondenominational national socialist centre for our communities because without a community centre which has moral values, our society will end up like an altright’s ideal society of white only shopping malls and white democracy and white only bathhouses along with other white only degeneracies. Then again, these are simply my two cents on the issue as we have to focus on destroying Jewish Supremacy before it destroys everything we hold dear, especially our faiths, family, and folk!


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