A Surprise TCTA Rant From Shaun

A quick surprise rant from Shaun about HBO’s Newsroom that could be appreciated by many.

* Dumbing down of our white western countries
* Most people today could not pass the tests kids were required to take in the forties
* The Internet is a double edged sword
* White people used to stand up for what they believed in
* White people’s intelligence should not make us feel inferior
* Shaun breaks down a scene from HBO’s Newsroom
* Most people are still stuck in the left vs. right paradigm

And more…



2 thoughts on “A Surprise TCTA Rant From Shaun

  1. wonderful rant and exactly how i feel except without all the PC rhetoric espoused since this is from an channel of Time Warner which also owns CNN. It does kinda make me sad that whites used to reach for the stars and built great things while in present day we see all this lazyness, degeneracy, stupidity and timidness in our white communities. Hopefully we ccan defeat the (((evils))) plaguing white civilization and be wholesome again.


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