A Broadcast That Should Not Be Forgotten

This show was recorded on:  2016-02-16

I know that people will be left scratching their heads on this one.  Out of one side of my mouth I am screaming high and bloody murder about the shit that Renegade has pulled when it comes to people that have done good things for them, but here I am putting up one of Sinead’s shows.  I do have an explanation however.

The content of this show is so important, that I don’t care WHO hosted it.  I spoke about my family’s personal suffering when it comes to having been molested by my father.  I also spoke about the research I had done and how throughout my childhood onward, I was trying to work out how a person can think the way my father thought, whilst he molested my two Sisters and my Brother.  I can clearly say right now, as I state on this very important show, that there is NO WAY you can know how these monsters think.  NO WAY AT ALL!

Take a listen and learn from the point of view of a person that has lived through this, first hand.  I myself was not molested as far as we know, because I was my fathers pet, but nonetheless, I had to live through the result of years worth of family suffering and I can tell you right now, it was none too pretty.

Listen and learn.  And as much as I resent Sinead at this point in time, I do thank her for being brave enough to take on this very difficult task to interview me about it, because it couldn’t have been easy for her either.  And I will leave it at that.

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6 thoughts on “A Broadcast That Should Not Be Forgotten

  1. Great job to both you and Sinead! The part in around the where you described what your 2nd sister had to endure being locked in a shed sent a cold shiver through my body and i had to hold back tears. It’s often hard to discuss the horrors of pedophilia but i agree that its something that needs to be brought to the light and destroyed. I slightly disagree about the non-offending pedos as i feel they should be executed as well before they can hurt a child.


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