We Spoke Of Karaoke

Well Ladies and Gents we have had a rough week in the news and I did say that I would be holding a Karaoke thing here, so I will be the first.

Tonight, I got to drinking some beers (which always helps with Karaoke) and met with some Van Morrison.  Oh ohhhhhhh.  Yeah…  Shaun singing some Morrison after beer?  WTF?

And yes, I am no singer, but I am kicking things off here!  Lets do this!


And then of course I had to sing a good old country hit, known as “Between the Devil and Me” by Alan Jackson.


Now here is the kicker.  As many of you know, Shield Maiden and I share a special bond.  We are somewhat soul mates.  We have some lovin happenin…  It was recently her Birthday on June 23rd.  She forgot her own Birthday and I had to remind her…  Pffffft!  Women man, I tell ya…  Anyway, I sung this song and sent it to her and she couldn’t stop BRAGGING about how good I did it.  I can’t blame her, because I think she’s right.  I did sing this pretty well, for a quick job.



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