Kyle & Sinead of Renegade Beg For Money

Yes, that’s right Ladies and Gents, it was only a matter of time before Degenerade Broadcasting’s numbers plummeted and they started begging for shekels, due to their “Role Play” and “Final Fantasy” type themes.  This is EXACTLY what is taking place as we speak.  A few of us have been chatting about it in the background and we all agree that this STINKS to the high heavens of a money grab, but possibly more so a popularity grab.

For years now, Renegade has been taking money from it’s audience, in an attempt to create their own welfare system.  Kyle (the founder of Renegade) refuses to go out and work for his wife and the child that he fathered and Sinead is left to continuously play husband, whilst she studies to make a living and is out there bringing in the dough, at least until they can find a way to make money full time off Renegade.  But by the looks of the 9 comments (currently) under the article at the Renegade Tribune that just BEGS for your hard earned cash, it’s more than likely going to be a sinking ship.  Unless of course, Sinead hasn’t actually been fired.

It’s hard to know what is true and what is false with this crowd.  They have been caught on so many occasions, lying about others that anybody with half a brain would know not to trust a word that comes out of their mouths.  I know it well, because they slung off about me after I left Renegade and out of everything they said, probably 10% of it was true and the rest was bullshit.  This is the way they work.  They also seem to get off on treating people like garbage, that did great works for their network and this includes those that hosted there, plus guests.  Mike Sledge, Dion, John Beattie, Evalion, Michelle, Chris Dorsey, Joyster and myself of course, just to name a few.

What we have noticed, is that there is a pattern where they tend to beg for money more than usual and that is when their numbers start taking a dive.  With everything that is going on with the Alt-Right, we too have noticed at WTFR that the numbers are dwindling a little compared to what they would usually be and I dare say that this is the same thing that is taking place over at Renegade.  We have fakes such as Pettibone and Spencer, shills such as Gage and Damigo, then we have traitors in our midst such as Anglin of the Stormer.  Is it any wonder we can barely come up for air with all of this infotainment going on around us?  It’s an absolute circus.

It’s only a matter of time now that Sinead will come out crying on-air about how they have no cash and that she is the victim.  She couldn’t possibly be the cause of her own undoing, if in fact she has even been fired, because so far they refuse to give out the information of her former employer, to those asking in the comments area.  Don’t be surprised however, if they are creating a bogus email address and/or website as we speak, so that you can scream at a phantom employer about how evil they are for firing such an angel like Sinead.  The same angel that had her wife Kyle bring my Daughter into the argument.  Yeah, you heard that right, you can contact me for details at and I will fill you in.

There is a good reason we don’t make money here at WTFR Ladies and Gents and it’s not necessarily that we don’t need it, (because right now, I sure could use some extra cash) it’s about showing you that we are not in this for the money, like the rest of the shills out there, begging you every chance they get.  We are in this because many of us have children and those that don’t, still understand what we are up against.  We are in the fight for our lives.  The BIGGEST battle for our lives that we have ever faced and it’s not money we need, it’s good Men and Women that can stand to the task when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan.  And believe me when I say, we are on the brink of destruction as White Western Civilisation.

To finish up here, let me just say that soon after Sinead has finished weeping for shekels she has not earned, will come the wrath against Pettibone, Sigur,  or Evalion.  Possibly even against WTFR.  And it will be less about “who had Sinead fired” as much as it will be about Degenerade trying to harvest more of an audience due to their dwindling numbers.  They’ve done well at taking other peoples audience members through lies and deceit over time and right now, Sinead is feeling a little bit lonely.  Being the attention whore that she is, any less than a few hundred people a week coddling her is unacceptable and at the moment Pettibone is getting all the fun.  Why is it do you think that Sinead had Evalion on her show in the first place?  It was NEVER to do with believing for a moment that Evalion had anything positive to add to “the movement”, but everything to do with trying to steal Evalion’s audience.  Plain and simple.

I for one am both glad and happy either way.  If Sinead has indeed been fired, then it’s due to her own shit.  She has a unique way of highlighting the saying, “you made your bed, now lie in it”, without even opening that flappy gob of hers.  And if she hasn’t been fired, it means their numbers are dropping dramatically and you know what?  It would be ABOUT DAMNED TIME!  It would mean that people have finally woken up to their shenanigans.


12 thoughts on “Kyle & Sinead of Renegade Beg For Money

  1. Leave it to them to START drama and play the victim off this. Way to stay ahead of it, Shaun, after all the shit they tried to do to stain your reputation!

    How predictable that Kyle would immediately beg his audience for shekels; you are dead on, get a fucking job and support the child you fathered!!! His mocking of the Bible & Christianity doesn’t make it acceptable under any circumstances for him to role play in the background of her anti-semitox commercial like a fucking teenage lazy ass who defiantly tells his parents he won’t clean up his room. Pathetic excuse for a man, makes him 10 times the fraud posing as a white leader!

    Gee, will Dr. David Duke allow her on the air to beg his audience for shekels now that she’s been John French’d? Will they beg for a LEGAL FUND like Anglin, pretending they’re gonna sue Sinead’s employer for wrongful termination???

    These two eroded their trustworthiness eons ago, fuck ’em…watch them lash out…we’ll all sit back and laugh, because we’re actually SINCERE about the survival of the white race and our future posterity, we’re not like all those who came from money, are cashing out off some social media popularity in an age of manufactured political angst through travelling the globe and doing totally ineffectual STUNTS that do nothing to loosen the Jewish grip on our lives, nor bounce their willing servants from political power.

    Let’s just watch….all these ACTORS need to be outed, mocked, and purged; they misrepresent all of us, and they haven’t one ounce of integrity comparable to that of America’s Founders, or those few choice men who lived through and visibly, voicestrously strove against government concocted integration in obedience to the Jews who are hellbent on destroying this country that was made great ONLY by white ingenuity, productivity, and moral rightness!

    Renegade made their bed, they can lay in it; no sympathy here…they need to disappear off the scene, that’s the only half-way respectable thing they can do; my bet, they won’t…they’ll take any and all they can with them as they crash and burn. Being frauds, shitting on others has caught up with them, fuck ’em!

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  2. I understand the problems between rb and wtfr, but I’m not happy about this. It shows how precarious the supposed freedom of speech is (I’m assuming and I feel the firing of Sinead is true). About Kyle ‘not working’, idk ho much time he dedicates to the managing of rb and rt, but it is a valid job as it is for ppl of the regular -and antiwhite- mass media. Actually ‘regular’ jobs = working and supporting the corrupt system, so if someone can live of working for the ’cause’, all the better.
    I don’t agree with everything they do or say, but it’s not fair that the anti-whites can do whatever they want with no consequences, and actually get promoted in jobs etc.


    • Oh please. Here we go. Let’s bail these fucking cretins out, because “they are doing the right thing..” Are they really? Please tell me how shitting on everybody that has done something for them is the “right thing to do” for white people. Just because they hate on black crime doesn’t excuse them. Fuck off with your propaganda for Degenerade. I’m sick of you fucks that let them off for everything. You’re like that arse licking Anthony Roberts that gives them a pass on everything.

      Listen up. They are an enemy to the movement with all of their antics, so take your bullshit and shove it up your arse because you are no friend to WTFR.

      And take this with you. I work two jobs from home and abroad and help friends go out and get their wood each Winter so they can warm their families and are still able to run WTFR. Kyle is a shitless lay about doing the same thing the niggers do. Hence why I call him the Ginger Nigger.

      What a load of HORSE SHIT mate!

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    • I know right? Somebody tried leaving a comment saying that this is no laughing matter because a “white” person (he meant Sinead) is under attack. What a load of crap! There is nothing “white” about Sinead besides her pigment.

      If it sounds like a feminist jew, acts like a feminist jew, then it’s more than likely a feminist jew. Or at very least a crypto feminist jew.

      I hope the bitch ends up on the street. That’s what happens when you treat everybody that helped you like crap.

      Now excuse me, whilst I go and celebrate her demise.


    • Yeah, it’s never been any different over there Paula. I’m ashamed to have created that network for them. Worst decision I ever made. And for some reason, the day I said to Kyle, I know how to put Renegade on the map, I had a bad feeling about it. I should have gotten to know what people I was dealing with first. Truly terrible mistake.

      Oh well. We live, we learn.


  3. Thanks Joyster
    I lasted a little over 2 months because of John and WARDO (who very one in chat makes fun of) I always sensed Kyle as being smug to callers. I found them through John Friend who I have heard them cut down. Their incessant bashing of Christians is a big turn off. If whites are to have a movement I see little wrong with liking John as he is humble and kind. As well as aware Christians. Sinead uses foul language and Kyle acts like his shit doesn’t stink. I quit subscribing to red ice and now go back to see what I missed. They have had good people lately. Better them than Renegade. Thanks for this valuable post.


    • Joyster? I ain’t Joyster. I am Shaun. I think you are confused.

      As for some of the characters you speak of here, they ain’t saints themselves. Friend took a lot of money from people in subscriptions and then took off with some weak arguments as to why. He’s back now from what I hear, but that’s not the point. You take money from people, you get the job done.

      Sineads foul language should not be an issue for anybody. Read the language wars by Henry Hichens. Bad language has been around for centuries, it’s just become more public. When it comes to broadcast, you can always switch it off. I too indulge in bad language but I ain’t twisting anybodies arm to listen. This is not to say that I am defending Sinead when it comes to her many other antics that need addressing.

      Red Ice do not interest me. You’d have to employ the idea of “the lesser of two evils” if you are taking them over Degenerade. If nothing is suitable, listening to nothing. Read a good book instead.

      Glad you got something from the post.


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