Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-06-25 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Robert speaks about:

  • The owner of Amazon in bed with the CIA – Deep state operations – New ownership
  • Clip:  AI merging with companies when it comes to management
  • The clash of civilisation – Depopulation / soviet style economic migrant
  • Could there be something coming our way?  Hard to know because some strange stuff going on
  • Caller Greg in Arkansas – Dr. Joyce Riley passes away peacefully – Rob knew Dr. Riley – R.I.P.
  • The circumstances behind Seth Rich’s death and what it means now to the Clinton link
  • Subconscious and/or communicative code going on – Purple everything at the crime scene
  • Pink Washing – I’ll let Rob explain that one…  Ummmm, errrrrrr.
  • What you do in your bedroom is your thing but why wear it on your sleeve?  (Shauns notes:  I have a clip lined up about that after recently talking about Ellen Degenerate on my show – I will play it on TCTA)
  • Scientology and the corruption within (Shaun’s notes:  Look up Lisa McPherson – I reported on Lisa some years ago.  In fact I will look for the show and drop it below Roberts show…)
  • Clip:  Mark Dice on Johnny Depp openly threatening to assassinate President Donald Trump
  • Clip:  The island is going to tip over mofo!  (Shauns notes:  JimmyX and I played this on Oracle back in like 2010 and we were laughing ourselves stupid)
  • Clip:  Strange feelings when you find out that your favourite stars have family members trained by the CIA – Woody and his old man
  • Clip:  If there is a collapse scenario will there be a war on paper money
  • The younger generation with Facebook and what effects it has on the population – It’s attached to their DNA near on
  • Sessions, Trump – We do have to worry about the Russians
  • Dave in Nevada – What is going on right now in Syria?
  • Bruce in Texas – Poster thief is tortured and killed
  • Jeff in Idaho – Condolences to Joyce Riley – Shadow Ring – Banking in India and John Coleman
  • Robs audio man is leaving – Glasses high and cheers to Ken – (Shauns notes:  From one audio man to another, cheers Ken)
  • Timothy calls in – Joyce died in battle and it’s hard to know what that’s worth
  • The flat earth theory and where Rob stands with it all
  • Dave in Southern California calls in and discusses a few things
  • Wes in Idaho – Flat Earth is the issue tonight it seems – Rob likes to watch people argue it
  • Caller Emagio (spelling?) – Flat Earth – 70 years old and back when 18 learned to celestial navigate
  • Rob, myself and Frank discuss a few topics…

And more….


Here is the Scientology audio I was speaking about in Rob’s show description…


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