55 Extra RadioX Editions Added to the Lineup

That’s right Ladies and Gents!  If you’re not taking advantage of the 24/7 stream where you can hear what has been happening on WTFR, you’re missing out.

Throughout the day, we play repeats of the shows that have been recorded here at WTFR, but not only that, we also play past shows from other networks that did some good work in exposing the cretins at the top of the pyramid, if you will.  From Peter Schaenk all the way to Eustace Mullins, Dr. William Pierce and JimmyX of RadioX.

Just tonight, I was sifting through some old data CD’s and DVD’s and low and behold, I came across a whole heap more of the RadioX broadcasts that JimmyX and myself did all those years ago.  From 2009 onwards.  Yep, I feel old!  And tired.

Again, many of the shows played on the 24/7 are not available for download ANYWHERE, so the only way to hear them, is to have the WTFR 24/7 stream running in the background, whilst you’re fixing the car, watering the garden or doing the ironing.

You can check out the schedule here and listen to the 24/7 here, to be able to hear your favourite broadcasts running throughout the day.

I have also implemented a little extra for the 24/7 repeats.  At 10 PM EST American time, Robert Reyvolts show plays as a repeat each evening, but I have now made it so that I can pick a broadcast of my choice, or YOUR choice to play at 10 PM on the 24/7 lineup.  This can be a show that you have picked from another network (there are some limitations) or it can be a show you have picked right here from WTFR.


If you email me and say, “Shaun, I listened to a broadcast from the network known as RBN today and I would love to have you put that in the quick pick slot, so that people that listen to WTFR can hear it as well”, then I would place that show of your choice into the quick pick slot and it will automatically be played that night at 10 PM EST, unless of course there is a live show at that time.  If nothing is picked, then a Reyvolt show will be played instead.

So what are you waiting for?  Start noting down your favourite shows and emailing them to me, so that we can start opening some minds.

Stay well!


15 thoughts on “55 Extra RadioX Editions Added to the Lineup

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  2. This is needed: -at least- an hour weekly of a show in German, since afaik there are 0 pro-white radio shows in Germany for risk of jail for them. It would also entice German speakers to listen of the rest of the programming in English, and also good for people wanting to learn German not having to depend on the liberal BS of occupied Germany’s media.


      • I’m sure he does a great job, but I don’t have the time to pick shows out for everybody. If you want some of them played here, pick a few links, email me with them and I will download the shows and have them played here. Single father, 2 children, sometimes 3 jobs and the network to run. I just can’t do everything plus pick the shows you want played as well. No offense.


      • What I mean is not a particular show but you could consider having as slot for his weekly one like with Reyvolt, or what about you interview him and talk about the possibility of an Australian equivalent/ally to his northfront initiative, also about why some ppl in the White movement are against him (I don’t get it, he makes as a whole more sense than his critics)… Here are his podcasts: http://northwestfront.org/media/radio-free-northwest/ the last one: http://www.northwestfront.org/rfn/rfn061517.mp3


      • I’m having a listen now. Covington seems sound enough to me and I have heard him before. I can’t remember who sent me one of his broadcasts but I can remember his voice and mannerisms.

        The biggest problem I have with those that were doing podcasts back in 2010/2011 is that they always claim that they were the first and sometimes even the ONLY stations that spoke about all this, the way it was going on… “The jews weren’t pulling our strings, because we did this all ourselves rather than relying on Talk Shoe.” They never mention those that started it all though, such as Peter Schaenk among others and this is going all the way back to 2003-2009.

        The whole “listen to us because we’re the real deal compared to anyone else” even though he doesn’t necessarily say it that way, (that’s how he comes across though) gets really old and even starts to sound like he’s selling a really old car in bad condition.

        The points he’s making are good ones and he does sound authentic to me. He even discusses how the Spencer’s of the “movement” are picked by the media instead being picked by authentic White Nationalists. I think this is an important point.

        If he can just get away from that typical boomer attitude as though everything he and his station have said, should some how be seen as the “original authentic” and that “every man and his dog” as he puts it, doing podcasts now are somehow useless, then he’d be worth more. Because I hear that shit from Alex Jones. His comparing with Jelly Donut podcasts with Salad podcasts is a good example.

        I think he’s been fair enough in the deliverance of his information, but just as he says that the “new people” of the movement have been trained to be erroneous, so to has his era trained him into being of the boomer mentality.

        “We all had it great and we all had it handed to us! You should know what we know, so that you can get a job too loser!” Type shit.

        Harold has to remember one thing, that even his podcasting was handed to him, because without people like Peter Schaenk or even Aaron that designed the mechanics behind Oracle, none of us would be doing this.

        The ideas behind Radio Northwest, did not come from Radio Northwest. They came from other great minds, WAY before them. I am a true believer in giving credit where it’s due, but make sure you know WHERE it is due first.

        I’ll play some his shows upon your request here and there and see what I think further. If I think he’s worth the time, I will put a slot in there for him, where his show can play once a day. But not without first consorting with John Beattie. He has been around to know the good from the bad and will be able to tell me more about Covington I am sure.

        “You spend enough time in the sewer, you get to know the rats…” – Anonymous


      • Gee, after reading the comments there, I don’t know if it helps me trust him or distrust him. I mean, theres obviously a lot more dirt surrounding this bloke than I imagined. I’m really ignorant to who he is.

        I guess at this point, I’m not too interested in knowing what he’s about because I have my own things to worry about, but every couple of months I will play some of his work on the network as a Lucky Dip.

        Sometimes the bloke comes off as a good man in a den of thieves and I don’t know what to make of that. Some people have said the same thing about me.


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