An Official & Public Apology To Gadsden

This is a public apology to Gadsden for the way he was treated during the Random Hours Round Table.

Ladies and Gents, nobody has written to me about the way that I treated Gadsden.  Nobody has coaxed me into saying “I am sorry for the way I treated you Gadsden” here and now.  The reason I am saying what I am saying, is because I listened back to the broadcast and I came across very brutal.

To all of you out there, I am not going to excuse myself for the way I treated Gadsden, but I come from a very different world to many people.  I’ve spent a year outdoors, between the streets and the wilderness, 6 months at a time.  My mother left me when I was 14 and I was street wise by 15 and had to live around the abbos.  Sometimes, I forget who I am compared to the next guy, including Gadsden.

It’s very easy, especially in this day and age, to want to scream at people that don’t get what we are trying to say and although I say it in a brutal fashion, it’s not actually brutal to me.  It’s my normal.  I just forget that it’s not everybody elses normal.  I mean you’re reading from and listening to a bloke that tells fat people they are fat if they ask.  “Do you think this dress looks good on me?”  “No you’re fat.  You need to lose some weight and then you will look better….”

I digress however.  I do come across brutal, but it’s no excuse for the way I treated Gadsden the other night on the Round Table.  So Gadsden, I apologise here and now in the public eye, so that you know that I wasn’t just trying to be a dick or an evil bastard.  Sometimes I’m just an arsehole because of the way I grew up.

So I apologise to you Gads, you’re a trooper and I hope you accept my apology, because I have a lot of faith in your future on this earth.  You’re a promising young man.

Cheers mate.


4 thoughts on “An Official & Public Apology To Gadsden

  1. Dear Shaun and other members of WTFR,
    after reading this and talking with Shaun a bit behind the scenes, it gives me the ability to accept Shaun’s apology and I will give him my forgiveness. I myself am not free from faults as I too have said things I shouldn’t have said in the past. As for my future here, despite anyone wanting to spread rumors, I am not leaving WTFR because of what happened in the round-table. In fact, we will grow stronger because of this and not act up like what a lot of movements have done. Infighting is what plagued movements for decades ever since the 1900s and it is the biggest cause of failure of groups from the KKK to Aryan Nations, American Nazi Party, National Alliance, and many more. I will continue working with Shaun and others on WTFR because instead of focusing on petty issues, we will instead work on securing the existence of our people and a future for white children. Hope this clears the air and that we can all move forward as a network.

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