Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-05-30

On this edition of of Random Hours, Gadsden brings the fire and brimstone:

  • Question:  Should Gadsden have a permanent slot instead of doing Random Hours (Shauns notes:  Yes, I believe so.)
  • jews are beasts that salivate at the mouth when they think of what they can do with your children
  • The computer game Farcry 5 aim the anger at right wing Christians and make them look like the enemy – Dorseys wet dream
  • Hints for a new name when it comes to Gadsdens possible perma-show
  • Why can’t Gadsden be famous?  Why can’t Shaun be famous?  (Shauns note:  I do not want to be famous.  I am in this fight for the contrary.  My end goal would be to be left the FUCK alone)
  • Why a (real) holocaust would be justified
  • Gadsden disagrees with Shaun about jews (Shauns notes:  judaism is both genetics and a cult – A jew is a jew and will be treated as such when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan)
  • Don’t drink whilst pregnant – Don’t drink, smoke or anything that can harm your child
  • Stop staring at the screen, you’re acting like Abbos!  Get away from the electric jew!
  • People need to stand up and FIGHT!
  • Breast feeding groups now accept “breast feeding men” – Stop this sodomy
  • Another strike against Syria – Trump lies as expected
  • Anglin raises $144,696 for his legal defense – Who would want to donate to him?  (Shauns notes:  The same fucking idiots that voted for Trump without any thought behind it.  The same fucking idiots that follow Richard “I condone rapists” Spencer.  The same sodomites that put their arms around Milo and wield Anime avatars.  Degenerates.  That’s who donates to Anglin.  And he knows it, but doesn’t care, because he is swimmmmmminnnnnggggg in the jew filth.  The scheckles…  This is what the Daily Stormer was always aiming for.  His end goal is here…)
  • Hitler, Beattie, Rockwell, Pierce, would not stand for this worship idea.  They were and still are, in it to save White Western Civilisation
  • Ben and Jerry’s icecream store won’t give two scoops unless gay marriage is supported (Shauns notes:  They’re jews, promoting more degeneracy, go figure…  That’s all jews are good for and anybody can see it these days if they research it for themselves.)
  • The hate of the cities and what the cities breed
  • Oil will take a back seat in 8 years  (Shauns notes:  I think anybody that believes that would have to be missing something in their skull.  Ummm, such as a brain…)
  • The sodomite bullies do not scare people on WTFR

And more…




10 thoughts on “Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-05-30

  1. Good show, content and passion Gads. As a host it can feel like your pissing in the wind at times so just want to give you a shout out of appreciation for what you present Cheers


    • You wanna know what I do Oz? I do the show for my kids and I. That way, if I feel the audience ain’t listening (commenting on your pissing in the wind comment) I don’t care.

      As the good Will Roberts said before he passed away, “When I go to bed at night, I sleep well and with a clear conscience. Because I know that I am doing what is right.”

      In the end, it doesn’t matter who is listening and who is not. You’re coming to the table with the best of intentions and if that ain’t something to be happy about, I don’t know what is.

      Hope that helps brother.


      • Agree mate. My voice is there for mine also. I was just giving encouragement and appreciation from this side of the fence regardind pissing in the wind but as for what you mentioned I’m with you there.


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