The Less Than 1% Show w/ John 2017-05-30

On this edition of LT1%S, John speaks about:

  • Zionist Christians getting people geared up for world crusade against Islam
  • What war is going to have to be won at the local level?
  • Open carry is the solution to any potential “jihadists”
  • Fox News – Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran – Terrorists coming out of Iran
  • Alex Jones has house wives come to his website because the husbands do nothing
  • Trump is looking to win, not be the President of the States necessarily
  • Richard Spencer the so called “white supremacist” summons a black for help
  • Sand-Niggers pulled off 9/11 …  You know they did, come on.  It’s obvious.  (Shauns notes:  “pass me those box cutters and while you’re at it, put your tongue on this 9 volt battery, it’s fun…”
  • Lauren Southern’s attempts to do anything are futile (Shauns notes:  Southern didn’t have any intentions to change anything.  She just enjoyed sucking some dick to get the free trip, after jumping on a bandwagon….)
  • John mentioned 6000 website visitors (Shauns notes:  No, we’re not that lucky yet.  LOL.  600 a day roughly.  We’ve only been here for about 4 months, if that.)
  • Facebook allows all kinds of degeneracy, but when you point out how bad immigration legitimately is, you get bagged and tagged…
  • America is slated to be the Germany of WWIII
  • We have competition as a network and what reach do we all have as networks?  (Shauns notes:  I ain’t in competition with any other networks.  I have a message to send and I created WTFR to get that message out there, so that my kids will have a better future.  If I was in competition, I wouldn’t work so hard to have Reyvolts show running, given that he is on RBN.  I think us networks at this point need to work together.  Even Stadtmiller (RBN founder) these days, seems easier going with us different networks working together, than he use to when he first started.  This is a positive sign for the future of our kids and this is all I give a shit about.)
  • Sick and tired of Seth Rich (Shauns notes:  Agreed whole heartedly.  Seth was nothing but a nobody jew.  One of the Protocols expendable jews.  Just because he was on the Clinton hit list does not make him a “good jew”.  A kike is a kike and he was a kike.
  • Duke sits down with a black as did Spencer (Shauns notes:  Yeah, and they continuously claim to be White Nationalists and White Supremacists – As a White Nationalist alone, I do NOT need help from blacks to advance my race.  Duke and Spencer are traitors to the White race.)
  • Mike Revero chickens out – Bok bokbokbok bok bok bok bok…

And more…



One thought on “The Less Than 1% Show w/ John 2017-05-30

  1. great show!,
    indeed, the average white person doesn’t want to doubt ‘daddy god/gov’.
    Ezra Pound was taking the Byzantium empire as a model for correct governing,
    ha! – Mike Rivero would not have a radio-show in Byzantium !
    I also noticed how apologetically meek the callers are to these ‘radio-priests’,
    which is an enemy to healthy constructive debate.
    in other words: they’re doing exactly what they’re designed to do:
    don’t ask questions!


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