If You Send Me a Podcast You Must OBEY!!! LOL!

I get some shitty audio sent to me Ladies and Gents.  So I am going to make this a statement.

If you send me a podcast, there are some hints I can give you that will help me in many ways, otherwise I just may not process the audio or post the show at all, depending on how bad the audio is.  I am not made of time, so stick to these ideas as a rule of thumb and you will be helping me big time!

1- Record your audio in 15 minute segments or as one long audio file (Around 2 hours)

2- Collect the clips or links you want played on the show and send them to me (unless you know how to insert them yourself, in a clean fashion into your audio)

3- Number the segments should you do 15 minutes segs, so that I know what order they are suppose to be in

4- Do NOT add music.  This does not bode well with my templates and breaks at all.

5- I don’t normally do podcasts, (the processing is too much fucking around for the time available to me) so always consider live shows if possible.

If you follow the first 4 at least, that makes my audio processing much easier.

Thank You.


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