Live Wire w/ South Oz Man 2017-05-26

On this edtion of Live Wire, Oz Man speaks about:

  • Dr. William Pierce and the racial equality argument
  • Negroes were taught skills by other races
  • The equalitarian-mania stifles research for SJW types
  • 1% of the Negro occupants score as high as 90
  • Alexander Boot – Destructive Myth of Equality
  • Worshiping the tribe that seeks to destroy you
  • The poor wittle jews have lived through persecution
  • Dr. Mercola speaking about the WHO
  • AI and the disconnection we have with each other
  • We define ourselves by what we do to contribute
  • The divide of family and facebookin’
  • Houses won’t have a dinner table in 20 years (Shauns notes:  Yes indeed.  Oz man is absolutely right here.  Family will be talking to each other from their bedrooms on their phones, rather than sitting at the dinner table.  A REAL eye opener!)
  • Oz Mans dog escapes during the broadcast and he chases it around like a wild eyed looney!!!  Just kidding.  His dog escaped but he had it all under control…

And more….


Music played:  Friday, 26 May 2017

——– ——
20:00:12 bump Oz\Love Street – The Doors [The Very Best Of The Doors].wav
20:14:00 bump Oz\Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb.wav
20:15:40 bump Oz\Lee Kernaghan – It’s Only Country (Official Music Video).wav
20:29:00 bump Oz\AC-DC – Thunderstruck (Official Video).wav
20:30:40 bump Oz\Slayer – Bloodline.wav
20:44:00 bump Oz\Lee Kernaghan – Boys From the Bush (original music video).wav
20:45:40 bump Oz\Brotherhood of Man – Motorhead.wav
20:59:00 bump Oz\Slayer – South Of Heaven.wav
21:29:00 bump Oz\Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly (Official Music Video).wav
21:30:40 bump Oz\SEPULTURA – Phantom Self (OFFICIAL VIDEO).wav
21:44:00 bump Oz\Lonestar – I’m Already There (Message From Home).wav
21:45:40 bump Oz\Hello, I Love You – The Doors [The Very Best Of The Doors].wav
21:59:00 bump Oz\Strange Days – The Doors [The Very Best Of The Doors].wav

5 thoughts on “Live Wire w/ South Oz Man 2017-05-26

  1. good show Ozman! great reading voice. AI president in the future…makes no difference to the puppeteers or the people. It’s about who programs the OS.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. imagine a hacker war trying to access the president’s OS , that’ll be some funny shit to watch!
    Oh fuck, come to think of it, now i want Hollywood to donate 1.5 million to WTFRadio for the idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That would be a good movie indeed and would be a realiistic possibly for sure. AI is a scarey destructive possibility to me on par with the day they cracked the atom and our nuclear power plants time bombs of self destruction to all life on the planet..


  4. How can a race put nuclear power plants near fault lines is beyond me.. knoeing that slso an sun pulse will knock out all power grids also.. it is ss iff some entity of sorts is tryng to wipe this planet of all life as I see it.


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