Brigid Removed From the Lineup

I’m sorry to say Ladies and Gents that Brigid has been removed from the lineup of the network.  Due to some differences that we had behind the scenes.

I’m not going to go into dramatic detail, because we here at WTFR have been doing well of late to get away from all of that, but I will outline just a few things for those of you that I just know are going to be curious and will do everything to blame us.

There were some questions being asked about the hosts that I was becoming somewhat suspicious about.  I’ve always had a good gut feeling about people I do not trust and the questions that Brigid was asking, started alarm bells going off.  She asked me to be upfront with her from the beginning when it comes to how I feel, so I let her know what I thought.  She became almost manic when I confronted her on certain things.

When all was said and done, she responded with, “Don’t worry; I do not intend to even visit your chat page again.  I don’t need any of you men accusing me of anything.”  This is what pissed me off the most.  Us “men” as she puts it, had not accused her of anything.  I simply asked her some questions, because she was asking ME some questions.  Including whether or not Shaun is my real name.  Although she didn’t ask it directly, it’s what she was alluding to.  “going to the kitchen to finally eat something;  will be close by the computer if you need me. otherwise, good night, Shaun (or whatever your real name is, lol)”

Do I blame all women because of her behaviour?  No, I do not.  So why would she lump all of us men, into the questions that I asked her?

Absolutely ridiculous.  It seems these days you near on need to interview each potential host/hostess with a fucking microscope before you allow them on your network.

And we wonder why White Western Civilisation is failing?  Pffft.

I would usually say, that I don’t hate Brigid and I wish her all the best.  This time, let me say it as I feel it.  I don’t hate Brigid, but I don’t trust her either.

Sorry that it was so short lived Ladies and Gents, but I have to make decisions for the network that aren’t always going to seem pretty and they are decisions that are NEVER easy to make.

Stay cool.



5 thoughts on “Brigid Removed From the Lineup

    • Who said anything about her readings being bad Eric? You do have brain don’t you? Use it.

      I clearly stated on the website and the broadcast no less, about the things I was, concerned about and her readings had nothing to do with it.

      Now, please explain where you thought that I had anything against her readings, or fuck off.


  1. It’s a shame that Brigid had to go because she did have good readings and would give input pretty often in the comment sections of other hosts’ podcasts, but maybe this was a “better safe than sorry” move here with the red flags you have noticed. I personally think an idea to prevent red flags in the future would be interview potential hosts privately, then an on-air interview to see if they are worthy.


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