Brigid’s Readings w/ Brigid 2017-05-23

On this edition of Brigid’s Readings’ Brigid reads:

  • Continuing Downtown White Police, by James Lancia from p. 67.
  • A Gentile’s Guide to Judaism Incorporated
  • Flashback:  Israel Killed JFK and has ruled America ever since
  • Not the Fourth Reich but Far Worse Nonetheless
  • Germany made the occupied Negev Desert ‘Bloom,’ NOT Israel
  • Jews Are Taking Over AI:  What Could go Wrong?
  • Near the birthplace of Jesus, Deviant Israelis Torture Palestinian prisoners
  • Israel Commands its Goy flunkies to destroy Iran & they say, “yes, Massa!”
  • We LOVE Israel, WE Will FIGHT for Israel 100%… 1000% says Comrade Trumpsky!
  • They Live
  • Nooses for gun control
  • The Assault on Trump


Music played:  Tuesday, 23 May 2017

——– ——
07:00:12 bump Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon (1970).mp3
07:58:20 bump Brigid\Loreena McKennitt – All Souls Night.wav
08:00:12 bump Brigid\Mozart- String Quint N3 K516 1-4 Amadeus (6.1966).wav
08:58:20 bump Brigid\Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (FULL).wav
09:00:12 bump Brigid\Adele – Hello – Lacrimosa (Mozart) – The Piano Guys.wav
09:58:20 bump Brigid\Enya – Orinoco Flow.wav

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