The Less Than 1% Show w/ John

**  DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER:  The music in this broadcast was changed.  To earn the right to have ones own choice of music in their broadcast, they must do a live show.  Wink wink, nudge nudge John…  **

On this edition of The Less Than 1% Show, John speaks about:

  • Foul language and expressing ourselves the way we see fit
  • Speaking about the news and propaganda in the media
  • The statues came down no matter who turned up
  • Inspiring other white men and women to do something
  • The millions and millions of dollars Christian churches have
  • People can get along and work together as Christians and Atheists
  • John adores David Duke *cough cough* and listens to 40 mins of his show
  • Duke claims Seth Rich was a “good jew” (Shauns note:  Nothing shits me more than these ‘good jewers’.  As long as they wear the title jew there is nothing good about them, period!  I have now lost any small amount of faith I had left in Duke.  It’s as bad as when I seen James Edwards with his arm around Milo…  I once broadcast these men across 107.9 FM but never again…)
  • Millenials buying into the jew degenerate crap injected into their brains
  • Duke could have purchased those monuments
  • People need to call into Storm Front Radio and speak about Duke (Shauns Note:  The same Storm Front that refuses to post Shauns entries on their forum.  A bunch of dress wearing pussies.  Shaun will be speaking about Storm Front on his next show…)
  • John calls Mike Revero and speaks about what is taking place  (Shauns note:  Mike is a flake as far as I am concerned.  He said to John that we shouldn’t assume what Seth’s motivations were, yet goes onto assume that Seth did what he did because he felt the country needed to know.  Talk about a fuckin hypocrite.  “Don’t assume!  Let me assume instead!”  Seth was a jew piece of shit and was trying to make some side cash in my opinion and it backfired.  Good riddance to kike feces!
  • Glen, Alex and the coffins (Shauns note:  I remember seeing the coffins and thinking, ‘fuck Jones, your fat enchilada eating arse is gonna miss out.  You won’t fit in one of those containers jew boy.’  I was quite amused about the irony of the whole situation.  If they remove his fat potato head they MIGHT just squeeze his lard arse in there…)
  • We don’t have an agenda, we’re just common white people
  • The United States are the last stand for white people (Shauns note:  I have been saying, since I started in radio back in 2003, that the United States is Western Civilisations last stand.  Hence, why I fight so strongly, along side my white American Brothers and Sisters.)
  • Trump is reality TV and politics in America has become a sport
  • The Founding Fathers forged a country but the millenials may not inherit it
  • The civil unrest from people like Spencer and Moldilocks
  • Cyclical history (Shauns note:  You’d think we would have learned by now…)
  • The church is going to end up in bed with the State yet again and disarmament will be inevitable
  • We are just people behind a mic poppin off  (Shauns note:  Speak for yourself John, I don’t “pop off”.  I am a Gentleman.  You filthy animal.  😐
  • The sociopaths can lie to your face without conscience
  • Richard Spencer has 60500 followers on twitter but can’t get a bee’s dick worth of those to show up to his get togethers  (Shauns note:  Plus, the hair cuts and condoms would cost too much)
  • Potato head and David Kook might some day go for round two
  • One more shot at David Kook as he begs for money  (Shauns note:  “Write us into your will?”  WTF?  Seriously dude, you’re a millionaire and you want my death money?  FUCK YOU and FUCK YOU again.  David Kook, the cornerstone of “SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYYYYYYY”….  I’ll leave my money to my Son and Daughter that will fight against Duke, Spencer, Roosh, Milo and Jones, not to mention their partners in crime, the jew.

A great show indeed and episode 3 coming soon.



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