Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-05-21 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Trumps recent activities and speeches in front of Middle Eastern Leaders
  • Clip:  Black Democrat Marxist idiot types talking their usual crap
  • Trump may be playing “Sun Tzu” but having the Kosher party about ain’t helping
  • Clip:  Chemtrailing – Trump signing executive order banning chemtrails
  • Clip:  B2 bombers being recorded doing some chemtrails
  • Getting an angle on your right wing zio and marxist type deals
  • Gordon Duff and Trump being thrown under the bus
  • Clip:  Trumps speech in Saudi Arabia
  • Rob explains how Trump gave up the goods
  • 2 days before Trumps Saudi speech, suspicious activities
  • Clip:  Trump goes off on Hezbollah
  • Clip:  Two anniversaries that could have significance
  • The 5 locations that Trump will be visiting
  • Clip:  The next Bilderberg meeting, it’s location and the threats
  • Comey admits under oath that he was not leaned on
  • Clip:  Mark Dice breaks down the Comey deal
  • Caller Jeff speaks about Anna and her book – pg. 150
  • Dave in Nevada speaks about people not understanding the history of the Catholic Church
  • Clip:  Savage speaking about Trump being influenced by Jesuits (LOFL)
  • Robert Spencer from Jihad watch and the false flag operation
  • Gadsden of WTFR calls in and speaks about the tranny theory
  • Bruce speaks about the murder in Tampa
  • Fred in Michigan speaks on Chris Hinkley and hangs with Rob for the rest of the show
  • Clip:  The Babylonian Zios freaks talking crap as usual
  • The modern day Israelites have direct links to Ancient Israelites

And more…


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