Shaun Finally Does the Video He Promised

Well Ladies and Gents, I promised a video some day and here it is.

I’m not a video human, so I kept putting it off.  I mean, I love sending videos to friends and family, but I don’t generally like doing videos for the show or anything like that.  I did promise a video of the studio however and with a bit of coaxing from Evalion, here it is.

Don’t expect too much, because again, I don’t do well on video.  I’m a radio person, not a TV person, albeit that I have done multiple interviews in the past on the idiot box.  I believe in being heard and not seen, so this will possibly be the last time you will see me on a screen outside of an interview.

It doesn’t go for long.  I like things such as this short and sweet.

Alright, kick back with 12 beers and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Shaun Finally Does the Video He Promised

    • Hahahahha. What makes people think I ain’t human? Seriously, I have so many people via email alone that act as if I am some kind of robot. I assure everyone that I am not. I’m as human as the next guy.

      In fact, I am one of the dorkiest goof balls anybody could know. Ask Shield Maiden. I’m as goofy as they come.


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