New Server, Cheaper Prices and Better Service

Hey there Ladies and Gents.

I know that many of you don’t know what goes into running the station, but allow me to explain a little so that you understand the changes that have just been made.

When you are streaming over the Internet you have a couple of options.  Start your own Shoutcast server, that will send all audio out to the world directly from your computers, or hire somebody elses Shoutcast server so that the bandwidth is on them.  This is usually the case, because these servers that you hire have extreme amounts of bandwidth compared to that which you would have in your home.  This is what I do to stream across the world.  Everything goes from my computer, out to the Shoutcast server and then the AM’s and FM’s run the streams out onto the air waves.

Just recently, the Shoutcast server I was using, caused me nothing but strife, so I have moved over to another company, if you will.  They already seem MUCH better and I know they are more reliable, because I was speaking with one of their reps.  Very kind natured and to the point at the same time.  I like that.  And the smile will not leave my face when it comes to prices.  Much more affordable than the last.

If I could give any advice, I would advise you to stay away from the HMC crew.  Absolutely horrible service and not much better when it comes to controlling what you want the stream to do.  Their centova configs are continuously damaged.

I have updated the front page when it comes to the Winamp and Media Player stream links, but TuneIn may take some time before it finally grasps the new stream, so have a little patience if you listen via TuneIn.  It should only be a few days before it updates.  In the meantime, feel free to use the Direct Stream Link or one of the links of your choosing on the front page until TuneIn is updated.

Thanks for your patience and I will talk with you all soon.


5 thoughts on “New Server, Cheaper Prices and Better Service

    • I’m working on a new system for archives. The way I was doing it before is both time consuming and fiddly. I will implement something that is more automated soon.


  1. And many thanks for the videod tour of your studio, and the explanations you gave, Surplus. I am glad that Evalion and others coaxed you into doing it and posting it at YouTube.


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